Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How Smart is Your Right Foot?

How Smart Is Your Right Foot? Trust me try this, it takes only few seconds.

This is so funny that it will boggle your mind. And, you will keep trying it at least 50 more times to see if you can outsmart your foot. But you can't!!!

1. While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles with it.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand.. Your foot will change direction!!!

I told you so.. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Make sure you pass this on to your friends... They won't be able to believe it either!!!

When I grow up

The other day Jill and I were sitting on the front porch talking and the "Granddaughter" was there putting her two cents worth in as well. He is how some of the conversation went. (Granddaughter AKA Baby Girl)

Me: You should have seen Grandson "N" a little bit ago.

Jill: What was he doing now.

Me: He was standing on the steps where he didn't think anyone could see him and he was lip sinking the National Anthem when the auto race was getting ready to start.

Jill: Oh brother

Me: Yeah he was putting all of the hand motions and facial expressions in that he could manage.

Baby Girl: Yeah he wants to be Oprah when he grows us

Me: He wants to be what?

Baby Girl: Ohrah

Jill: sorry baby girl that job is taken already by uhhh oh yeah Oprah.

Baby girl: no he wants to sing Oprah

Jill: He wants to do what

Baby Girl: he wants to sing Oprah

Jill: You mean he wants to sing opera

Baby Girl: Yeah that's what I said

OK now that we have it all straighten out and we did not need a shrink to help my grandson get over the fact he wants to be Oprah. I think we can safely move on to the next crisis that comes up in the house and with 3 children there is always another crisis right around the corner. Trust me!


My father in law had Alzheimer's before he passed away. We had him living in an Assisted Living Facility for all the good it actually did. They would let him go outside and take walks around the property and such. We were always worried that he would just some day keep walking and we would never see him again. The doctor told us that a person with Alzheimer's can go from one stage to another with no warning at all. I wish we could have had some sort of tracking device on him that we would have been able to find him with no panic or terrible consequences. There is now such a device being marketed now which would have given us the peace of mind we needed at the time. It is a tiny GPS unit which can be tracked in real time on Google Maps and it is marketed by GTX Corp. I have used Google Maps for a long time but never once thought that you would be able with a small GPS unit be able to track a person. I really think there would be a lot of good uses for something like this. You could have one of them for your children. This way if a child is abducted the police would be able to find them. I am sure these would also be good for tracking a stolen vehicle. But, I really believe that the possible uses for tracking people such as children and the elderly would be a fantastic idea.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Third Grade Reports

I am telling you that I have never seen third graders have so much homework. The boys seem to have some sort of report due every time we turn around. Part of the problem is that in Florida kids have to take the stupid FCAT test and in 3rd grade there is part of it that if you don't pass you don't pass third grade. It is supposed to be part of this no student left behind crap. Well a student can have actually earned straight A's on their report card all year long and if they fail this stupid test they don't pass. Well the teachers spend the largest portion of the year teaching this FCAT test and now that the test is over they have to teach the kids everything that they should have earned in the entire year. So now they are in hyper homework mode. I think it is horrible but there isn't much that people can do about it.

Guess what I want?

I wonder if my daughters will get the idea what I would love to have for my Mother's Day/Birthday this year? I have never had a real pearl necklaces. Well, heck I have never had a real pear anything. Unless you count the one pearl that I got when I opened the tin can and the oyster shell that my parents brought me back from Hawaii years and years ago. Nope I don't think that counts as having real pearls. I have to figure out how to give them the hint that they need to check out this great web site I found for Pearls.
Until I found this site I never knew there were so many kinds of pearls. I always knew that pearls came in different sizes but there are so many kinds to choose from. There are Tahitian, Akoya, Saltwater, Freshwater, just to name a few of them. Pearls would also make a terrific wedding gift to give the bride to be a pair of Pearl earrings to wear on her very special day. The growing of pearls is much more complicated that it used to be years ago. Then they just left it up to the wild oysters to grow the pearl and they would harvest them. Now, it is a fine science, skilled technicians open the live pearl oysters carefully, then surgically implant a small polished shell bead and piece of mantle tissue in each. Then it is back to the sea or freshwater what ever the case may be. Then from time to time the pearl-bearing oysters are lifted out of the sea to clean and for various health treatments. Seaweed, barnacles and other undersea growths that might prevent feeding are removed from their shells. Then the shells are treated with medicinal compounds that discourage parasites from injuring the oysters. Finally it is time for the oysters to be harvested. The ones that have survived all of the perils of the sea such as typhoons, red tides, and attacks from various predators are brought ashore and opened. If all has gone well, the result is a beautiful, lustrous and very valuable pearl. Wow that is what goes into getting the pearl then they have to turn it into various types of jewelry. Now I understand why pearl jewelry is so valuable and so desirable to own.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time to get serious

Well, we had the yard sale yesterday and it was a pretty good success. We worked out collective butts off and I was in bed and out for the count by 10:00 PM last night. So now it is time to get serious about all of the moves that are getting ready to happen from this house. My daughter Joy and her 3 children are going to get an apartment which is closer to her place of work. The kids are very excited about that. But I don't think it has really sunk in that their Aunt Sue Sue and their Nannie and Poppy will not be right there with them. In some ways they will be happy about this because I am sure it is no fun having 4 adults living in the house telling you what to do. I mean you could get something past just your Mom but when you have your Aunt, your Nannie and Your Poppy very little gets past everybody. So usually somebody is in trouble for something most of the time. Then Jill is going to move in June to Holland. I am excited for her but the Mother in me does not want my child that far away from me. If Joy were to have a major problem then we would just have to get here somehow to help her. But come on if Jill has a major problem..... Think about it I know I can swim but I am not that good of a swimmer to get there with her all the way across the ocean from me. But she is a big girl and I am sure she will be ok and I do EXPECT her friends (Tracey, Richard and Yvonne) to take good care of her for me. Cause if they don't and I have to come over there. Well, let's just say it will be an international incident for sure. Then for the final move. Randy and I are going to relocate to Pennsylvania. We lived there years ago and things did not go well for us that time. But this time I really believe that God is putting together a whole plan the way things have worked out for this move. But, only time will tell. One thing about Randy and I is we are not afraid to pick up and move and if things don't go well, we will just pick up and move back to Florida although I hate Florida. I hate the seasons here. You have Not so hot Summer (Winter) warmer summer (Spring) Hot as Haides Summer (Summer) and almost hot as Haides Summer (Fall). So pretty much you have some form of summer year round here. Well now it is time for me to finish packing up our things.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

It has been one of those days

I went into the gas station today and

asked for five dollars worth of gas…..

The clerk farted and gave me a receipt.

I am here to tell you this is just about the truth. With us getting ready to move from Central Florida to Pennsylvania. I hate to see what the gas is going to cost us to drive a 22' rental truck there. Only time will tell. But somebody has to do something about the prices of gas pretty soon.

Clothes make the man

I have now cleaned out my clothes and have gotten rid of a ton of them. We are moving in about 3 weeks and I found out that the house we are going to be living in only has ONE closet. So I am just wondering where my husband will be putting his clothes. I do understand that we have a shed in the back yard. OH, stop it, I will let him use part of the closet too. I am not that mean to him. He is needing to get some new clothes where I needed to rid myself of some of mine. I think I will have him check out some of those BDU pants. They are no longer just for the police but anyone who is outdoors are wearing them too. I will have to see what he says.

New Laptop case

After getting the new laptop which is as I said before a 17" screen I realized that there was no way it was going to fit into the case that I had purchased (which I loved) for my other laptop. So after my husband prying my fingers off of it I very graciously gave it to him. So I was shopping for a new case. I went everywhere here locally and anything I found that my laptop would fit into I did not want to have to sell a major organ from my body to pay for it. So I went online. Well, I found this case on Amazon and it is made by Belkin. So now I finally got it yesterday in the mail and I have to say I love it too. As you can see it came with a small case that is for your cord and cables and anything else you would want to put into it. I checked it out and my laptop fits into it just fine. So now I am a happy person again. There were some things about the other case that I liked better but all in all I am very happy. It is brown with the blue trim and is not a very heavy case so that I don't need a fork lift to carry my laptop when I go anywhere.

It is finished!

Well, we had the last yard sale today for Jill to raise money for her ticket. I think she actually has enough right now to purchase her ticket. I am so tired right now I am just about ready to drop. I couldn't go to sleep last night for some reason. So, it was about 2:30 A.M. when I finally went to sleep and we got up at 5:00 A.M. We worked to get everything out onto tables in the driveway and get furniture moved downstairs and outside that we were selling. Then we have stood outside all day long until about 6:00 P.M. I am so tired and I had on some sandals so my feet and back are killing me right now. This may sound crazy but I wish I had worn some good work boots all day long then maybe I would feel better right now. I know our feet are something that we have to take good care of.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More storage space

I am a bit slow in posting about my latest purchase. I am so very excited about it. I have wanted an external hard drive for a very long time. I wanted to load all of my pictures and my music for one thing onto it. Well, I received an offer for a good deal on a 320 gig external drive and I just could not pass it up. So it came and I have put some of my pictures on it and last night I put my music onto it. I really think I am going to love it. Now that I have my new laptop and my husband has the other laptop. I will be able to transfer pictures and music back and forth. With us getting ready to move. I want to be able when I take new pictures to be able to put them on Randy's laptop as well as mine. He was forever wanting to look at pictures on my laptop when I was in the middle of doing something and if i didn't let him do it right then well he could be known to get a little attitude. Then that would lead to me getting an attitude and you know how it goes one things leads to another and pretty soon you are in a full fledge argument. So hopefully this will stop that. I will be able to quickly put new pictures on this external drive and just plug it into his computer and I will be left alone to do what I want to do. Another cool thing about this drive is that they would engrave on it for you so I have my name engraved on it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Second New Toy

I am now ready to tell you about my second new thing I got. Randy got me a brand new Laptop. I am so excited about it. It is so much faster than my other laptop. (Which is now Randy's) This one had 3 gig of ram and a 250 gig hard drive. I absolutely love it. I am in the process of learning the new Windows Vista but so far I really think I am going to like it a lot. But the main thing is how much faster it is than my other one. Also on this laptop it has LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling. You have to purchase special CD's and DVD's but then you can actually scribe a label onto the disc. This one also comes with a built in web cam which will get to put to use talking to Jill in Holland and the grandkids here in Florida when we move to PA. I also now can not only burn CD's but I can also now burn DVD's on this laptop. Plus when I watch a DVD I actually have a little remote control that I can use with the laptop. But the last and final thing is that this one is a 17" screen. I never realized how much another 2" on a screen could make such a difference but it really does. Oh, I forgot one more think it also has a keypad just like a regular desktop keyboard. For me that is also a big thing. Needless to say I LOVE IT!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Reach out and touch someone

I remember when Randy's parents got a cell phone many years ago. This thing was huge I mean I think they actually needed a wheelbarrow to carry it around in. Now there are cell phones that are so small and convenient that it just amazes me beyond all belief. But back then even though the phones were huge the buttons you had to push and the screen you read were always so small it seemed to me. Randy's Mom was for ever pushing the wrong buttons and spending her very expensive minutes on a wrong number and she would actually get mad at the person that she called because they had the nerve to answer their phone and use her minutes. Now there are new phones called Jitterbug which although they are much smaller flip type phones the numbers are made for senior people. Also, when you dial a number you don't need a powerful NASA telescope to read to make sure you actually dialed the correct number before you push the dreaded send button. Plus Jitterbug has a very friendly customer service department. That was another issue my Mother-in-law had to deal with when she had a problem was lousy customer service. They have several plans that you can choose from from $10.00 up. This isn't the phone for my daughter who has a cell phone growing out of her ear. But for the senior who wants the piece of mind of having a phone with them in case of an emergency then this is the deal for them.

Happy Camper

I am a very happy camper today. Why you ask? Well let me tell you why. Actually I will only tell you 1/3 of the reason why I am happy. I got a couple of new things yesterday and on Tuesday I am getting something else new delivered to the door via the man in the brown truck. So let me tell you what one of the things is that I got. I got a Flip Video Camera. I haven't really done much with it today because I have been involved with another one of the items that i got last night but I know I am going to love my new Black Flip Video Camera. We have another video camera but it is so complicated to use and then when we get the movie on that stupid little tape I haven't got anything to do with it. So this way I can take movies and put them right on my laptop and watch it. I think I am going to do some of the kids before we move to PA in a few weeks. Should give me something to do and then I have movies of them I can watch and cry over.

Beautiful gardens

We have some good friends that live in Texas and they have been begging us to come there to visit them. They are telling us that there are so many things that they would just love to show us about the great state of Texas. I have always heard that everything in Texas is bigger than anyplace else in the world. I know that their pride of their state of Texas is bigger than the pride I have heard from anyone else around the country about their particular state. One of the places that they keep telling us that they would love to take us to is Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center. They keep telling us that the "green" nature of the gardens is the best there is. There goes that Texas pride again. But, all kidding aside they have been awarded the U.S. Green Building Council's Platinum certification and Shangri La is a very eco friendly Botanical Garden.

You absolutely have to visit their web site it is absolutely wonderful. I am a big sucker for pictures when there is someplace I want to visit. They have some of the most beautiful pictures on their site I have seen. Although, I have to be honest, I could do without seeing the pictures of the spiders and the reptiles. I am not a reptile or spider person. I have screamed more than once for my husband to come kill "the giant" spider and when he comes he laughs at me cause it is little. We won't be taking any kids with us (Thanks heavens) but if you do they have programs just for them so that they can look and learn while they are there.

The Shangri LaBotanical Gardens are located in the city of Orange, Texas so you need to visit and see what else there is there to check out. I am a firm believer that every city has something to offer us. Sometimes it might be hard to find but I can guarantee you that in Orange, Texas you won't have trouble finding what they have to offer.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No kids

Tomorrow night will be a very quiet evening here at the house the kids are going to visit their Dad's family for the night. I guess they are going to get to go to chucky Cheese Pizza for a birthday party on Saturday for one of their cousins. I can only say I am glad I don't have to go and help with that. I don't do noise very well anymore. We went last night to the Florida Mall and it was so noisy I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phone Home

Jill is getting ready to move to Holland and Randy and I are getting ready to move to Pennsylvania. OK, so our move might not be as exciting as her move but who cares? Yeah right Jill cares so what. But I know we are going to want to talk to her on the phone and I know from past experience when Jill was in Holland before there are days being a Mother and having your daughter that far away there are just some times when you want to talk to her. Calls like that can be very expensive to say the least. So as soon as Jill leaves and am going to be checking into getting some online phone cards. I know from in the past we used this type of card when we used to call back and forth from Florida to Haiti. Phone Cards Avenue can provide you with cheap international phone cards and this allows customers to save 80% or even more over regular long distance providers like at&t, sprint, and some other carriers. From my past experience I know this is something that I will need to do. I will not be content to just talk via the internet back and forth with Jill. There are just those times that I want to hear her charming bitchy voice. I could also use this card to call and talk to my grandchildren. Since Randy and I are going to be in PA and Joy and the kids are going to be in Florida I know those calls are not as expensive but when you want to talk to the kids probably just about every day that can get expensive. I remember when the kids were living in California Joy called one night at midnight that was when my granddaughter was about 4 and she wanted her Nannie (Me) to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with her. So there I was laying in bed in the dark singing with her. So when you make those kinds of calls you know it is all going to add up in the end and the phone bill would look just like the National Debt.


I have been watching Dancing with the Stars every year. This year I am so happy to see how well Marlie Matlin is doing. It just blows my mind that someone that is deaf and cannot hear the music can dance like she does. I can hear with both of my ears but you do not want to see what both of my feet would be doing out there on the dance floor. I am telling you if that were me somebody would have gotten hurt. But I thought I would post her latest dance for you to look at if you have not seen her dance.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Time to move

Randy and I are in the process of deciding where we want to live. I actually think that we are going to leave Florida. We are tired of living in the Sunshine State. I have always heard how beautiful the state of Idaho is. I just might talk Randy into looking into moving there. I have discovered a new independent real estate agency Prestige Realty Of North Idaho that is opening up in North Idaho. This agency has a beautiful 12 foot tall granite and 22k gold sign outside. Now that is a lot of gold. From what I understand this new agency has saved a local historic monument from the dreaded developers who wanted to tear down this home which was called "The White House" which is located at 805 E Sherman in Cour'D Alene, Idaho. I am all for saving old buildings, that is another problem I have with Florida. No one wants to save any old building here in Florida. Just tear it down and build Condo's. This agency has a unique sales and buying program where they can give up to a $10,000 rebate at the closing to the buyer or the seller of any home in North Idaho you can check this program out at Northidahorebates.com.

From what I understand this is a new real estate agency but their agents are definitely no new to the business most of their agents have been working in real estate for over 20 years. As an added plus they have the best customer service in the area when you compare them to all of the other firms. I love a customer service that will return your calls promptly and with patience. They also have a beautiful web site which is www.prestigerealtyni.com their web site is very user friendly

You can find all the information you need by just contacting them.
805 E Sherman
Coeur D'Alene Idaho, 83814
phone number 208-765-4500
or 1-877-sold-851

Cold Snap

I know we live in Florida and it is the middle of April. But, I am sitting here and I can year the wind howling outside. It is really chilly out there too. It is now 63 degrees and the wind is about 15 mph. For those of you up north that might not sound so cold but for those of us who live in Florida and have lived here for years it is kind of chilly. I am sitting here wrapped up in my blanket and am still kind of chilly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Miss my old job

Sometimes I really miss the job I used to have. This company was kind of small but they were beginning to grow. They manufactured and distributed a line of automotive chemicals and lubricants. I was technically the bookkeeper but when you work for a small company you wind up doing a little of everything. Before I left they were in the process of putting a big push on marketing their products online. I was really enjoying all of the knowledge that I was gaining. I was busy doing a lot of research and would have been happy to have something like a Self-guided online SEO check list that would have walked me through the process of learning everything I needed to know. This is a free tool that small businesses can use to plan, implement and then evaluate their SEO projects.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yard Sale

Well we had our yard sale today. We have decided to try to sell some thing since Jill is wanting to move to Holland and Randy and I are going to move someplace. We did pretty good. I don't have the final figures in as of yet. But all in all the day was a success. I really get tired of the stupid people who come and when you have something priced for 50 cents they want to pay you 25 cents for it. Jill had some miss matched dishes out there and told a lady $5.00 for all of them. The old bat looked at them and said this one is chipped. Jill said "yeah and your point would be" I mean come on they are not shopping at Pier One Imports. They are in our driveway at a stupid yard sale. There is one thing in trying to get a good deal but to just down right steal something. (which that did happen) Jill had one of those little things that test your blood sugar in a zipper case and somebody opened the case and stole the little machine. Now that is really low I think. She had several clothes out there and was asking like $1.00 each and some old fart said to his wife. I wouldn't give a $1.00 I would only give her $.50. Jill took it but I would have just snatched the shirt out of his hands and said you ain't givin me nothing. But like I said other than being tired we are done. But now I think that Randy and I with Jill's help are going to go back through everything that we own which is all boxed up and have another sale in a couple of weeks to try to raise more money.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Nite Out

Well,last night was a family nite out. Joy decided that we were all going to go out to eat to celebrate report cards. The kids decided that they wanted pizza. Now if it were me I would have taken a New York Strip Steak but I didn't get a vote. So off to pizza land we went. It was the place where for one price they have the buffet and you pick what you want. Well I am a pizza snob and I only like a pizza from a few select places and this place is not the place. So after trying a couple of different kinds I decided it was time to hit the dessert pizza bar. So I see they are bringing out this cinnamon bread break apart thing. I head up to it and just about got run over by this rather large rotund woman who as soon as they put a new cinnamon thing out she hit the bar. Well she filled her plate to overflowing and left 4 pieces on the tray Some guy edged me out and took three of the 4 pieces so I took the last remaining piece. Then I got a brownie they seemed to be in abundance. Oh the lady with the plate full of cinnamon stuff didn't share with her table of people either they were all for her. I tried for several trips to get more of the cinnamon and managed to get enough to partially fill my tummy. There was a family of people and I use the work people very loosely sitting behind us and just let me say that they had all taken a dip in the same shallow gene pool. Like your Mamma is your siser and you daddy is you aunt something like that. Then all of a sudden Joy just about spits her pizza across the table. She said some lady got up to go back to the bar and before she did she managed up unbutton her pants so she could have more room for more pizza. Lastly Randy gets himself a slice of pizza and finally asks what kind of meat do you think this is on this pizza and the girls started guessing and he kept saying nope, nope, nope. He finally said it was Tuna Fish. Come on who puts tuna on a pizza. UCK to the max. So needless to say I am not ready to go back there for.... oh about a 100 years or so.

Happy Day to Me

I can't believe that mother’s day is just around the corner. The girls hate it because most of the time my birthday always falls within just less than a week of Mother's Day. They usually combine both events into one gift, which is fine with me. I really hope that this year they check out 1800flowers.com and send me some flowers for the combined event. Right now they have this contest going on "Celebrate Mom For Who She Is Contest" if the girls would enter me into the contest and tell them what a wonderful, supper, spectacular Mom I have always been I could win about $30,000 in prizes. I really think that I deserve to win cause I am the best Mom in the whole wide world. OK if not the best then I am really a close second best.

Usually on Mother's day we just all get together and have a big meal and we celebrate with Joy and her 3 children so that they don't have to split the day between her and me. We are not the kind of family who goes out to eat for the holiday we just usually cook up a huge meal and all of us just kind of pig out and enjoy the day together.

Happy Birthday Brian

Here is another poem my Mother started but never finished for our son I thought I would post it for his Birthday. Brian passed away when he was 3 and today he would have been 39. I just wanted to do something to recognize him.

Brian was my ....

My little fellow with the chubby face
had in my heart a special place
He would look at me and give me a smile
and I was in heaven for a little while.

His hair was light and curly....


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Eat to live don't live to eat

Since Randy and I have been back from Haiti Randy has put back on a lot of the weight that he took off before making the move. Randy is one of those Emotional Eaters, when he gets stressed out or something is wrong he eats. I really worry about him because of his being overweight. I love him very much as you can imagine since we have been married for 40 years now. I actually think he might be able to get some help from www.ShrinkYourself.com to try to get to the bottom of his emotional eating issues. I try to talk to him about it but it just frustrates him and I don't want to fight about it with him. This program was founded by a world renowned emotional eating expert Dr. Roget Gould. He has a program that has been well studied for over 20 years so he is not a novice at this subject. The program Shrink yourself doesn't only help people who want to overcome their problem with food having power over them. The program focus on weight loss but it also helps you uncover bigger issues in your life. Shrink Yourself users have not only reported changes in their weight but they also experience big changes in other area of their lives. They have a free interactive session and personalized emotional eating report are available on their web site. I really think I am going to try to get him to check into this so that he can overcome this issue in his life.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How hard can it be

How difficult can it be to get three children in and out of the shower? Should be an easy process but no..... Let me see where do we start.
  1. Who goes first
  2. Who goes second
  3. Who goes third
  4. Do each of the three children have clean underwear to put on
  5. Do each of the three children have clean PJ's to put on
  6. Do each of the three children have a clean towel to dry off with
  7. Do each of the three children take said clean underwear, PJ's and towel to the bathroom with them
  8. After the shower can you then locate the dirty clothes said children were wearing before their shower to launder them
  9. Also after the shower how difficult is it to locate 3 very wet towels so that their mother does not come home again from work to find a soaking wet spot on her bed from a very wet towel.
Well after much to do all of the above has been accomplished and now the three children are in bed getting their sleep for school tomorrow.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

When my dad had a massive stoke several years ago he had a grandfather clock in his den. I wanted to bring it home with me but was afraid that hauling it to Florida from Indiana in a trailer I would just ruin it so I didn't do it. But, I have always wanted one of the Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks so now I am checking out where I can find one and I have found the grandfather clock that I think is just what I am looking for. In a day and age where so many products are simply mass produced I believe it is important to have a quality clock We are now looking for a new place to live and I would love to have a large living room where we could have a beautiful grandfather clock
that we could some day pass down to our children and then on to their children. This I believe is something that could be in a family for generations and generations to come. I really believe that a beautiful clock should be the center of your home decor. Our life centers around time so therefore our home should be centered around a beautiful clock that will create many memories for years and years.

Red Hot

I only have a couple of kinds of candy that I really really love. One of those is Red Hots. I can't believe how hard a time I have finding them all during the year. I mean at valentines time you can find them everywhere. But the rest of the year I only have two places where I can find them. One is a local grocery store here called Publix and Walgreen's Drug Store. I have always loved cinnamon candy for as long as I can remember. I also love Hot Tamales candy. When I was a child we would stay most of the summer at our grandparents house in the country. The only good thing I remember about staying there was he used by buy a candy called cinnamon balls. It was round balls of cinnamon candy that was coated in a very fine sugar. I have never found those since I have been an adult but would absolutely kill for some of them. So if anyone out there knows where I can get them drop me a comment please.

Beautiful inside and out

I am a firm believer of makeup for women. I especially believe that the older you get well let's just say that the old barn could use a coat of paint. I am really beginning to see the benefits of good lip treatments. The older you get you tend to see those tiny lines develop around your lips so I am determined to take care of that issue ASAP. If you spend $100.00 or more you can receive a special promotion and the cool thing is they also have a special April offer so check it out. I just love it when I get good deals. There is a saying that beauty is only skin deep but ugliness goes all the way to the bone. Well with the technology that Borba Nutraceuticals and Borba Commeceuticals have partnered to it now all about achieving total beauty... inside-out. So now beauty will not only be skin deep but beauty will go all the way to the bone. So you will be beautiful inside and out. What more could you ask for? In checking out their lip tint I discovered that the average woman consumes up to 2 pounds of lipstick over the course of her lifetime. I never thought of that so that is why I am learning that I need to use Lip Tint (Divine) that is infused with good vitamins and naturally sourced antioxidants that are used in Borba's exclusive Skin Balance Aqua-less Crystalline blend. To have a lip tint that not only softens and smooths my lips but also give me the color I want is a perfect win win situation if you ask me. It also helps eradicate flakiness and the look of fine lines and wrinkles so that lips appear moist, supple, and plumped up with moisture. Check it out for yourself.

When BORBA Nutraceuticals partner up with BORBA Cosmeceuticals your skin’s inner and outer needs get treated synergistically. Results from one enhance results from the other and vice versa. All are dermatologist-tested and recommended.

BORBA is all about achieving total beauty... inside-out.

Lip Tint (Divine)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Missing in action

I can't believe that we are now beginning to discover things that have come up missing since someone moved out of the house. The other day I went to my jewelry box to put on my good watch and it was gone. The girls kept saying you must have put it someplace else. But, they both know me I am such a creature of habit that I always put things in the same place all of the time. Plus since living with the girls and this not being my own house I am very careful that everything stays in our room. I don't even leave my shoes downstairs like everybody else does. Then this evening Jill got ready to lay some meat out for tomorrow. We bought a pork roast the other night to go with a small one that we had in the freezer. Well you guessed it the small one is missing. Now I know I did not misplace that. I mean how many places can you put a frozen pork roast? There is only one explanation. It grew feet and walked out the door with the "Mother" when she moved out. No telling what else we will find missing as time goes on.

Set up House

I have started looking for things that we need to purchase when we move out and get our own apartment. There is so much we need it is like starting our marriage all over again but 40 years later. There is a site called that specializes in giving you the very best of As Seen on TV products. But this site does all of the research on all of those infomercial products and gives you objective information on all of the top products. They have a section on the site for product reviews. I am forever seeing things on the infomercials that you just wonder if they really do what they say. This way you can check it out before you bite the bullet and make the purchase. I checked the site out and they have one of those really neat cordless "one touch can opener" I just might get us one of those. Plus Jill has been searching for those space bags that you suck the air out of for her move to Holland this summer.

Rain Rain go away

I know that we need rain and I also know that this is the month of April. April is supposed to bring April showers so that we can have May flowers. But, I would settle for one less flower in May if we could have one sunny day right now in April. We seem to have had quite a bit of rain the last few days. I know some places pretty close to us got about 5" of rain yesterday. I really hope that when it is time to walk to the bus stop to get the kids after school that it is not raining. I don't want the sun to be beating down on us but no rain. I would settle for some clouds but I repeat NO RAIN! It is a 20 minute walk to the bus stop and then a 20 minute walk home so that would be 40 minutes of walking in the rain plus what ever time we have to stand and wait on the stupid bus. So again I say no rain.

Work from home

Randy and I have been living with our daughters since we moved back to the states from Haiti. We are now getting ready to get our own place and I will need to get a job. I have been doing a lot of thinking about that lately and have been thinking that I would like to be my own boss. So I found a site that I really think is worth checking out it is www.myownboss.com. I really think it just might be what I am looking for. They have low start up costs and you can work from home. That is what I have been trying to find, something I can do from home.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pulling my hair out

I have officially had it! The kids are driving me CRAZY! They have been out of school for the last week for spring break. It has rained here for the last two days so they can't even go outside at all. I have told them at least 1,000 times to please quiet it down. (ok maybe only 750 times) But they are to the point when I tell them to quiet down I get some sort of cutsie answer. I don't want cute I want quiet. I will be so glad to send them off to school tomorrow. I really think that if they would admit it too that they are ready to go back to school as much as we are ready to send them back. I am just getting too old to put up with them on a 24 hour basis like this anymore. I know you all thought I was only about 29 but I am actually just a teenie bit older than that. Not much mind you but just a bit older. We have been going through things here today trying to sort things out for a yard sale next week and trying to pack things up that I want to keep and move with us. I think I am done for the night today. I still have one box I need to tape up and find a place to put it then I am going to sack out after dinner and a shower and watch a DVD. I borrowed one from Joy it is called 16 Blocks. It really looks like it is going to be pretty good so hope it is.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Packing Up

Well I have started to try to pack some of the things we have here in our room. I can't believe how much stuff I managed to stuff into the closet in this room. I kept saying that if I put anything else in there it was going to blow some day. Well I have some of the stuff packed and you just wait. I have had some of this stuff in the closet for several months now and as soon as I pack it up that will be the one thing that I wind up wanting to have at my finger tips. You see I am one of those OCD sort of people. I am a firm believer that there is a place for everything and everything should be in it's place. I guess I started doing that when I was a teenager. My Mother was one of those snoopy mother's and she would go through my things even my purse. So I always got into the habit of putting things away in a very specific way. That way I always knew when she had been snooping. I don't know why she didn't ever figure out that I never had anything in the house that I didn't want her to find. But guess she thought I would slip up somewhere. Well that has been the way I have been the rest of my life. When my daughters were younger I could always tell if they had used a bottle of my perfume and it took them quite a while to figure out how I did it. But, I think they finally figured it out.

Save our Planet

I have been hearing a lot lately about creating a green earth. We have been trying to help a bit by recycling soda cans lately. But, there is much more that can be done. I really believe that we need to start checking out how to recycle plastic materials as well. I know that there is a lot that we purchase every day that come in plastic containers. It is amazing what can now be made from recycled Virgind HDPE Pellets and I know they are coming up with new uses every day. We need to save our universe and save the planet and recycle.

Checking the trash

Well one of my grandsons (Nate) discovered something today. He discovered that there are codes inside coke cases and bottle caps and Pepsi cases and caps. So now he has been having us enter the codes on the appropriate web sites so that he can earn points. He has no idea what he is going to be able to do. But hey it gave him something to do on his Spring Break. He was busy pulling the empty soda cartons out of the trash can. What can I say he had fun today (and it was free)


The Secret works with A New Earth. If you're wondering what that means, then you aren't alone. I wondered what it meant as well. The Sedona Method is a new learning mechanism. It shows you how to transcend pain for one thing. Believe me, at my age and at this point in my life, I'm all for transcending any amount of pain that I can. It also discusses things such as the ego and how to let go of it. The Sedona Method is at the leading edge of the peaceful revolution in consciousness that is sweeping the planet. A peaceful revolution? What I wouldn't give for a little peaceful revolution. Things have gotten much better around here since the "mother" of the three year old moved out with her children. The stress level has decreased immensely. I can't tell you how nice it is not to have her around here day in and day out. It's just wonderful. Of course, things will be much more relaxed for my husband and I once we have our own place again, but that will happen in its right time. We've got to start checking the ads and seeing what is out there.

If you're interested in the Sedona Method, just follow the link above. They have a free DVD which explains everything to you and exactly what it is!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Misfit

I have decided today to post a poem that my Mother wrote for me when I was young. I think it is probably the only thing my Mother ever gave me that I have actually cherished this much. This picture was of me probably a few years before the poem was written but I don't have many pictures of myself. Hope it doesn't bore you too much but today for some reason I have that misfit feeling. Guess there are times in your life when you just don't know where you fit in. I thought those times ended with you were a child but in reality I don't think they ever end or go away. We just learn to put them aside for the moment.


I'm always too young
when the praises are sung
or else I'm too old
for my Mother to hold.

Too young for long pants, or heels
a disgrace to my family at all meals.
Still I'm too old for dolls and toys
and it isn't ladylike to play with the boys.

I'm too young to go out on a date
Just be patient, Mom says learn to wait.
I'm much too old for a coloring book
Father says, it's time instead I learned to cook.

I'm way to young to drive the car
but Dad says, I'm the best car washer by far.
I'm far to old to sit on Mom's lap,
so I must be the most unusual child on the map.

I'm too young to watch the late TV show
also too old to watch Captain Kangaroo, you know.
Now how in the world can I tell
Just when I'm too young or too old?----WELL!

By Louise Savage Browning

Enter for your school to win

The way things go here in Florida for the schools is terrible. There are some schools that have multiple computers per classroom and there are some school who may only have 1 per classroom. Things are not given out equally and I think that is a shame. Well here is a chance to Win 1,000 Personalized Flash Drives for Your School! From right now until the end of June Pexagontech is accepting entries from students, parents and faculty for this Flash Fiesta give away. On very lucky school will win 1,000 Personalized Flash Drives for their school. If that isn't enough there will be one entry per week that will win 20 personalized flash drives for their school. This is to launch a program where Pexagon Tech will have a back to school fund raiser program where students and faculty can sell personalized flash drives at a great price and everybody wins. If you are interested in more info about this program you can visit http://edu.pexagontech.com/back-to-school.php. You do not have to give out your credit card information and there is absolutely no purchase required. Get your local school entered. I did!

Credit card information is NOT required to enter. Absolutely NO purchase necessary.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day Trip

Today we all loaded up and went to Tarpon Springs for a day trip while the kids are on Spring Break. The picture is of sponges that are for sale there. We all had a really good day. The kids were actually pretty good. Some times I actually wondered what had happened to my real grandchildren and who the children were that we had with us. OK a couple of times they acted up but all in all they were pretty well behaved. We had a great lunch at one of the Greek restaurants and then walked through tons of shops and before heading back to the van we all got sweets from one of the bake shops. I had baklava which was to die for. Then we took the kids to Clearwater beach for a little bit. They played in the edge of the water cause they didn't have swimming suits with them but they had a great time in spite of not being able to really get into the ocean. I don't think their mother could have handled the stress if they did get in the water. She was about to spaz out with them just in to their ankles. Well the boys did try to get in further. They wound up with their shorts pretty wet. Then we drove home and everyone just sort of wondered off to their various rooms to crash for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Picture is worth a thousand words

Well I guess the title says about everything you need to say about this picture. So, I won't bore you with a 1,000 words. I will just leave things this way.