Thursday, June 26, 2008

The hunt is on

Well, I am officially in the job search market. This is a process I absolutely hate. I mean you feel like a piece of round steak at the local butcher shop. I have an interview tomorrow morning and again on Saturday Morning. I am hoping that I get the job tomorrow morning then I don't have to do the interview on Saturday. Plus I could also quit the part time job I have taken. (which I do not like). But if I don't get either of these jobs then guess where I will be next Monday evening. You got it I will be back at the part time job.

Principal or Principle

My grandchildren are starting a brand new school next year. They have moved to a new county in Florida and I am really hoping that they have a better school than they had in the previous county they lived in. I would love for them to have a school Principal just like Norberto Diaz. His philosophy is "The kids must always come first" I think this principle has been lost in most school systems. Principal Diaz believes that outstanding leaders inspire and motivate the team to reach common goals. It is his belief that "humanitarians must hold themselves to a high level of personal and professional integrity." I could only hope that this principal could train teachers and principals across America to be just like he is.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

She is gone gone gone

Well I just got an e-mail from one of my daughters friends in Holland telling me that Jill had just arrived in Holland safe and sound. That is good news to me. I like most mothers I am sure worry about their children even if they are grown adults. But when you are a mother you always like to have your children on the same side of the pond as they say.

I know she will be safe and sound with all of her friends there in Holland. Cause they all know who I am and if they don't take care of her. Well...... Let's just say it won't be pretty.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream

Your Ice Cream Personality:

You are not a particularly modest person. You're proud of who you are, and you don't care who knows it.

You are a pretty cautious person. You look before you leap, and you don't leap often. There's a bit of a wild child within you, but it doesn't get out often.

You are a somewhat open minded person, but deep down you're fairly conservative. You don't like trying new things very much. And if you do find something new you like, you stick with it.

You are a natural multitasker. You feel alive when you're doing more than one thing at a time.

You are a serious and contemplative person. You definitely do your own thing in life.

The Ice Cream Personality Test

Ice Cream is somthing that I think I could eat every day of the week morning, noon and night. But I never thought about how I eat it until I took this quiz. But is it weird the way I eat ice cream says so much about me. I only took this quiz once and it really says a lot about me and the way I do things. What I mean I only did this once is that I did not take it several times and change my answers to make it try to say what I wanted it to say.

Save a dog get a Vac

One of the things I really hate to do is clean house. I hate dragging out the vacuum cleaner and I always seem to have to move pieces of furniture to find a wall plug so plug the vacuum into. I tried using the dog once but I had trouble getting him to stay up on his front paws and he had this thing about me moving him around the house by his tail. So he finally ran away from home. OK I am kidding I would never do that to our dog. We did have a dog once that we nicknamed "Hoover" if you can guess why. But what I really need is an Energy Star vacuum cleaner made by Dirt Devil. I have finally decided there is a better way to save energy than using the dog when cleaning the house the new AccuCharge Stick vac and the Hand Vac actually use 70% less energy so this is the first cordless to actually earn the Energy Star approval. Now I can actually save energy with this new vacuum system in more ways than one. It is an energy saving system all on it's own plus and this is a big plus for me I no longer have to move the furniture out to find the wall plugs to plug the vacuum into. Plus how many times have you been just vacuuming away only to get your self to far away from the wall plug and all of a sudden the plug pulls out from the wall and goes flying through the room? Just happened to me yesterday as a matter of fact and almost wiped my husband out who happened to be sleeping in his favorite chair.


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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One room school

Here is another picture of an Amish one room school in Lancaster County. I am really amazed that they still have the one room school. I am sure that they give their children a good education. In our schools we believe that every classroom must have a very small number of students and if there are not computers in every classroom the parents are furious. I am sure that they do not have the discipline problems in their schools that we have in our public schools.

Weigh it out

Randy and I are in the process of planning a trip to Haiti toward the end of the year. With all of the restrictions that the airlines are placing on travelers lately. One of the things we try to be very careful about is the weight of our luggage. The last thing you want is to show up at the airport and find out that your luggage weighs too much. Trust me I have been there, done that and didn't get a T-shirt for the trouble. So what we do is we weigh everything before we pack it. So now since we have moved and I don't have scales anymore I need to get a new bathroom scale. has a huge selection of scales at prices that I would consider quite reasonable. I've pretty much decided that when I buy this new scale, I'll be purchasing it from them. I also like the fact that their site is so easy to navigate and the shopping cart procedures are easy as pie! Scales are a definite necessity when you travel a lot. We have figured out how to use them to weigh things to pack and then I can also use them to weigh myself since I am in the process of trying to take a few extra pounds off myself.
bathroom scale

Cook out

We are sitting here in the AC waiting for our friends to come to pick us up in a couple of hours so we can go on a picnic with them. At least it has gotten a little bit cooler here than it has been for the last several days. Which when you are going on a picnic that is a good thing to have cooler weather. I think we are going to grill burgers and hot dogs and have some side things to eat. I am really looking forward to going. I think on Sunday we are going to Gettysburg for the afternoon. That is someplace that we have never been so we are really looking forward to going there. We are having company for dinner or Saturday night. Wow sounds like we are really getting busy. Which for us is a good thing. We are really glad to be here in Pennsylvania and glad to have such good friends and to be busy doing things and going places.

We've come a long way baby

MutsyI am here to tell you that things have really changed since the dark ages when my girls were babies and I needed baby things for them. Back then strollers were huge things that took three men and 2 elephants to carry and it took a college degree in engineering to figure out how to open and close the crazy things. Now there is this cool stroller called Mutsy and it is really great. The Musty Slider meets all of a Mom's requirement's:
  • compact
  • low weight
  • performance
  • sporty looking
  • the upper part is detached from the frame so the frame folds up very small
  • the handle can be reversed so Mom can always look at the baby
  • durable wheels with less weight
  • quick release 3 position seat
  • protective hood
  • a car adapter is available
They also offer the 4 Rider "Next" Cargo this has the addition of having a leather handle and a range of fabrics. This bassinet is ideal for transporting infants and has a very strong handle, mattress pad and cover and zip storage compartments. The separate seat may be used with baby facing mom or facing the world. Features also include recline, leg rest, a removable front bar, and a protective hood. An easy-to-access basket is also provided. Also a car seat adapter is also available.
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Sweep clean

I am telling you something I have become a brand new fan of what is called free cycle. In the last couple of weeks we got an ottoman for the living room. It is an older one but it is in good condition and much better made than one you would purchase now in the stores. I know because I looked for a new one and refused to sell my first born (She said thanks) to purchase one of them. Well today we went and picked up a vacuum cleaner which I needed for the house. I came home and plugged it right in and checked it out and it works great. As a matter of fact I just about sucked the throw that is on Randy's chair right up the vacuum. Thankfully I caught it in time and a major disaster was prevented. The picture attached is not exactly like the one I got but it is close enough for jazz as the saying goes.

The Host with the Most

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before on this blog but my husband and I are both missionaries to the Nation of Haiti. We have a blog that I try to post on regarding issues and things pertaining to us in Haiti. I haven't promoted that site much so needless to say we don't get much traffic there. Plus it is something which I don't have a lot of experience with myself. My daughter helped me with that blog and she is in the process of moving to Holland so I will not have her in my hip pocket to assist me with it anymore. With this said I have been giving some serious thought lately to starting a web site. So I have been checking things out to try to find a good choice for us to use as our web hosting provider. I know there are a lot of choices out there to choose from but I want to go with a company and stay with them. Meaning I want a good web hosting service. I don't want the hassle of moving from one to another. I am not a hassle type of person if you know anything about me. I was very impressed to see their Find My Host Editor's Choice Award for June 2008. They have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied but from what I have seen I can't imagine why you would not be satisfied with their services. They have several plans to meet the needs of everybody. You can choose between standard, advanced and Pro hosting plans. I really think you need to check them out for all of your web hosting needs. They seem to have something for everyone.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strange parking lot

The other day when we went out into the Amish area of Lancaster County I am still amazed to find that you not only share the parking lot with, cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles but you share the parking lot with buggies drawn by horses. I know the people who have lived here all of their lives don't even seem to notice it except that they get aggravated when they get behind a buggy because sometimes they have problems getting around it and you know how most of us are we are always in a hurry to get where we are going and then in a hurry to get back to where we came from. I am really trying to slow down and take notice of the world around me. I have run too and fro for many many years and now I want to enjoy life more than just running through it at a breakneck speed.

You gotta watch it

I have a friend who was shopping one day for her husband's birthday. She was at a big outlet mall and going from store to store. She is one of those women who thinks if one gift is good for her husband then ten are much better. Well she was in this one store and it was very busy because I forgot to mention that her husband's birthday is right around Christmas. So she was standing in line at the counter to pay and when she paid she used her credit card. She noticed the young guy who checked her out did something sort of strange with her credit card. He seemed to pull something out of his pocket and held her credit card below the counter for a few seconds. She got the card back and her purchase but when she walked out of the store she had that sinking feeling that her credit card number had just been stolen somehow. She went back into the store to talk to the manager and to her surprise when talking to the manager the young man was no where to be seen. Now mind you there was still a long line of people at the counter and after checking her and her credit card out he seemed to just vanish. She immediately went outside and got on her cell phone and called her credit card company and canceled her card and requested a replacement card. Which meant going into Christmas that year she was not able to use her credit card. Now for this woman she was in a major tail spin without one of her credit cards. I know this problem happened for her in a actual store and she was able to see what was going on but what do you do when you shop online and you have no idea what the person on the other end is doing with your credit card information;. Well now you need to Visit Shop Shield® this is a new consumer service offering complete protection against identity theft and fraud when you shop online. They can protect your credit card numbers, bank account numbers, billing address, e-mail address and login in information. Learn More about this free service they are doing a live beta test, to sign-up consumers for usability testing.

How can you go wrong when you get this guarantee:
Shop Shield® - 100% Security Guaranteed:
  • Consumer data is stored in a fortress of security systems
  • All personally identifiable information is broken into undecipherable fragments, then encrypted
  • Encrypted data is stored in multiple independent databases.
  • Every transaction is monitored and recorded using technologies that exceed even federal banking standards
  • Hardware that stores data is modeled after Department of Defense security standards.
  • We’ll reimburse every penny, up to $10,000 above and beyond the coverage your credit card company or bank provides.
  • We will also provide complete, and personalized victim resolution services at no charge.
So go over to Shop Shield and check out everything they have to offer to help you.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just thought I would put one of the pictures that I took yesterday when we went to the Amish country side. OK well maybe I will post more than one picture. I took pictures as we drove so I was taking them through the windshield and as the car was moving. My husband doesn't believe in stopping for me to take pictures. So here are two that I really liked. As you can see the first one is just a shot of the Amish farmland. I just think the farmland is so pretty. The second one is a business in Bird In Hand, PA that as you can see sell flowers. The flowers are so pretty up here. When you live in Florida we got tired of seeing the same kind of flowers all of the time. Here everybody plants so many different varieties of flowers. I wanted to get some but right now we don't have the extra money. I had to make a decision food or flowers. So since I don't have any flowers that I needed to plant in my yard when we got home you can guess that food won out over flowers. I do have some flower seeds that I might try to get a planter of some sort and try to grow my own from seeds. Maybe I will have flowers in a year or so who knows.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday in the country

Well today was Saturday so we decided to take a drive out to the Amish area of Lancaster County. It is something that we loved doing when we lived up here before. But, today it got so hot we just about died of heat. We did have a good day but we didn't stay as long as we usually did when we would go out. We were wanting to get back home to the A/C in our house. We did go to see some of our Amish friends that we made years ago. One of our friends really surprised me because he is not doing real well health wise. I hated to see him feeling bad. Then we had a couple of soft pretzels at another Amish farm and then went to our favorite bakery and got us both a small size pie to bring home. I had a pecan pie and Randy picked out his favorite a raisin pie. We ate them when we got home and they were soooooooo good. We had a great day.


I have found a web site that has immediately become my one of my favorite sites. It is
called Jewels of Denial they have the most beautiful enamel rings that I have ever seen and the prices for them are so reasonable you will not believe it unless you check this site out for yourself. I found this Midnight Blue Flower Enamel Ring that I have to have. Plus right now if you sign up for their e-mail news letter you will receive a coupon for for 20% off your order. I am here to tell you my husband is going to be in big trouble cause I am addicted. You have to bookmark this site because it is something you will want to find time and time again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Passed the test

I called a little bit ago to talk to my daughter and she didn't answer her cell phone. So I called her sister on her cell phone and she didn't answer. So I said to Randy they need to keep their cell phones in the same room as themselves so they actually hear them ring if they aren't going to use a house phone for a little bit until it can get hooked up. Well then a few minutes later my phone rang and it was Jill's phone so I answered it and it wasn't Jill it was my granddaughter. She said "Nannie did you call us" I said yes but no one answered the phone. My granddaughter then told me that her Mother and Jill had gone to the old house to get the last minute things in the van like the things out of the refrigerator. She wasn't supposed to answer the phone. She said she thought it was me but decided not to answer the phone just in case and that when it stopped ringing she would call me to see if we had called there. I told her she did the best thing that she could have done and that I was so proud of her. They have never really stayed home at all alone without an adult. They have never needed to so this is a first for them and I tell you the truth they are doing so good. They are really growing up as much as I hate to see them grow up I am also glad to see it.

Dock it here

There is just something about a man in a good fitting pair of Dockers. I don't know what it is but I just love the look of dockers on a man. Well there is now a Dockers contest going on that you can go and vote for your most favorite commercial done by ordinary people and the winning commercial will air on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I have picked my favorite commercial.
but I will let you go to the site and choose for yourself. I myself have never been one to enter contests because, well...... Because I never win any contests I enter. So in my opinion why should I enter if i don't win. But for those of you who feel like winners go to the site and enter. You can be a winner I just feel it for you. I know what you are thinking "I won't win" well no you won't if you don't enter. But go ahead get off your couch and get out that video camera and dust it off and get it rolling. Come on now let's hear it.... Lights, Action, Camera. Go Dockers commercial get your entry in and you can be a winner and have your commercial on the Tonight Show.


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Monday, June 2, 2008

Phone Call

I called yesterday afternoon to talk to my grandchildren and one of the boys said, Nannie do you know something? I said what and he said I haven't heard your voice for 3 days. I realized that although my husband had called and talked to the kids I had not spoken to them actually that day on the phone. I told him I was sorry and that I would try to be better about that and talk to them every day. Although I don't know if I will be able to talk to them today on the phone. Today is moving day for them and their Mom. They are moving out of their house and into a new apartment closer to our daughter's job. Right now I think she has been spending about $100.00 just on tolls to and from work. So when she gets moved that expense will go away plus a lot of the gas she is using going back and forth. I really miss my girls and my grandchildren but know we made the right move and that everything will be alright.