Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Peaceful Neighborhood???

We live in a very quiet peaceful, quiet neighborhood. That is until this morning. The girls were gone from home and called me about 11:30 this morning to ask me if anything unusual was going on here in the neighborhood. I said I didn't know of anything. They said to go outside to see if I saw anything. Well I opened the front door and said "Crap" there is crime scene tape all across the front between our house and the pond in front of our house. I walked out the back and there were police everywhere. This is what we are learning from the news here. Just thankful it was not a murder. I feel really bad that someone is dead but still glad we don't have to worry about having someone out there who did this to the poor man.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane Season

We are smack dab in the middle of Hurricane season so far we have been bless to have not gotten hit here in Central Florida. I do remember a few years ago that we got hit by not one, not two but three hurricanes in about six weeks time. You wouldn't actually think that we would get much damage in central Florida by the hurricane but actually there was a lot of damage from all three storms. By the time that years season was over we were at our wits ends with putting up with evacuating and losing power and all of the issues that go along with a hurricane. So I hope we stay as bless the rest of this season as we have been so far. I don't care if I ever go though another hurricane again in the rest of my life.


I can remember as a kid that my mother for some reason decided to have me take golf lessons. I think it was because the lessons were free at the local golf range and it got me out of the house for a period of time and out of her hair. I am not really sure if they had such a thing back then as 48 hour tee times but if they did you could have been sure that I would have tried to take advantage of them. But alas I did not learn how to play golf. It was just not my cup of tea. But I did wind up babysitting for a lady who was in amateur golf tournaments. I guess she was pretty good because I know that for a couple of years it kept me pretty busy watching her boys while she was playing golf. I can remember hearing her on the phone getting her tee times all arranged so that she knew exactly what was going on before she ever left her house. I have to say it was a pretty good summer job for me. The only problem I has was when it would rain and she would wind up coming home early and would pay me for the time I had been there and I would lose money because of the rain. I have to say there have been times that I wish I had stuck to those golf lessons because people I know who play golf actually tell me how much they enjoy a good round of golf.

New Job

I recently started working a new job. I have to be honest it has not been easy for me. I have always made my living working in an office sitting all day long at a desk. The job I have taken is working at a restaurant as a cashier. I am standing for my entire shift behind the register. It has been quite an adjustment for me. I am finally to the point where my back doesn't kill me while I am working. I know remember why I always told my daughters that it was much easier making my living sitting on your butt than standing on your feet. But the way the economy is now days I have to be honest you just do what you have to do to work and get a paycheck at the end of the week.

Lock It Up

We have recently moved to a new city and are living in an area that we really don't know much about so what I am looking for is a good site. Don't get me wrong we live in a very good area but this day an age I really don't think you can be to careful when it comes to your safety especially when you are in your own home. I have been looking online trying to get some police security tips so I know the best things we can possibly do to keep our family safe and secure. You hear about a lot of home invasions that happen. I really believe you should always feel safe when you are at home behind your locked doors. If you can't feel safe at home then lets be honest where can you feel safe. I have friends that live in the Texas and they depend upon the Forth Worth, PD for their safety. I know the police are there to assist us in our safety but I do believe that we need to do everything possible that we can do for ourselves so that we never need to call the police for help. Let's be honest if you need to call the police for assistance in a safety issue in your home you have waited to late to implement safety precautions in an around your home. So I guess I am just telling everyone along with myself to get on the ball and make you and your family all safe.