Monday, August 25, 2008

I am Independent

Your Independence Level: Very High

You do things your own way. Even if everyone else thinks you're wrong.

You cherish your freedom, and you resent rules.

No one knows what's right for you as much as you do.

You can take care of yourself... and you do a mighty fine job of it.

How Independent Are You?

Well this pretty much describes me I do resent rules. I am one of those women too who my husband knows to never forbid me to do something because he knows that would be the one thing I would do no matter how hard it was for me to accomplish. I do believe I am a woman who can take care of myself and yep I do believe I can do a good job of it too.

It is almost that time

Well in my last post I put a picture of the pumpkin I took this past week and said it made me realize how close fall time was to being here. That just made me think oh my goodness if fall is that close then I know what is coming right behind it. That would be Christmas. This year with us being here in Pennsylvania and the grandchildren and our girls all being in Florida I really think I am going to need to shop early and shop online and maybe even find a way to shop online and have things shipped directly to Florida. I really think I am going to start this year and take opportunity of the 2008 thanksgiving sale which is also known as Black Friday. I am going to sign up so that I can get E-mail alerts to let me know when there are any new Black Friday ads so that I can check them out and if it is something I am looking for then I will be all over it like white on rice. This is a perfect way to check out all the ads before they even actually appear in my local newspaper. They actually will have the pdf and the zip files of the black Friday ads so you are able to see the actual ads. I already know one of the stores that I will be checking out to see what they have advertised and that store is Ikea. My girls turned me on to Ikea and I love that store I could spend a week shopping there but I seem to drop before I am through shopping but not anymore. I intend to shop until my fingers drop because I will be doing it online. I will let my fingers do the shopping.

To Bee or not to Bee

We were out in the country this weekend and I as usual took a ton of pictures. You always hope to get that perfect picture. I don't know that I have ever gotten that one perfect picture but I have gotten some that I really like. So here are a few of the ones I took this weekend

This is a big yellow jacket on a beautiful flower.

This next one is a picture of baskets of fresh tomatoes that we got.

Finally this last picture makes me think how close to fall we actually are. This field was full of gigantic pumpkins. I would hate to be the person that had to harvest them.

Work on your body

Our car we bought is not a brand new car to say the least. The AC does not work like it should and there are a few other things that could use some work on them. But, the one thing I am thankful for is that when it comes to the auto body it really isn't too bad. There is a little bit of work that could be done done under the car doors where it looks like a little damage from probably the salt they put on highways when it snows. But all in all it is in pretty good condition for being an older car. Hey it gets us from point A to point B and that is what it is all about if you ask me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school

The kids started school this week. Although they started on Monday they did not have school on Tuesday thanks to Hurricane Fae in Florida. But they went back to school today and after talking to them this evening they all seem to be having a good beginning to school. I know it has only been about 3 months since we have seen the kids after making the move here to PA. But goodness it really seems like they have grown like weeds. WOW! My babies are growing up and Nannie is just not sure I am ready for them to grow up. I want them to stay my babies. Although I will always call Ki "Baby Girl" cause I don't care how old she is that is what she will be to her Nannie is my Baby Girl. Wish we were still there with them. I know I talk to them practically every day on the phone but trust me that is not the same as being there with them on a daily basis. Well guess we can't have it all can we. But why can't we that is what I want to know.

First day of school

Way in

I have decided that it is time in my life when I need to take off those last few pounds I have packed on over the years. I am learning something new however on this matter. You ask me what I learned well I will tell you. It's Not Your Weight That Matters--It's How Much of Your Weight is Fat. This is something that I will need to figure out. Just how much of my weight is fat. Everything seems to have an emphasis on weight versus fitness in our western society's look at health and wellness. So therefore people of a normal weight may still face many of the problems that an overweight person faces such as elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar if they are a couch potato and don't have some sort of exercise program. Now that the weather here in PA is getting cooler I think I am going to start walking some. I have started getting one type of exercise. Due to the fact we don't have a power lawn mower and were able to get an old fashion push mower I have been using that on a weekly basis to mow the grass. So surely that should help some.

Fitness Assessment: Measure Your Fat, Not Your Weight
It’s not how much you weigh, it’s how much of your weight is fat.
Simple test determines your fat content, health risks.

Carpinteria, CA – August 20, 2008 - Within the past week, the American Heart Association, Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Cancer Society have cited new studies that seem to indicate the deteriorating health of Americans may not be related solely to weight--but to declining overall fitness levels.

While it is virtually impossible today to remain oblivious to the importance of exercise for staying healthy, there has been a marked emphasis on “weight” versus “fitness” in western society’s perception of health and wellness. Consequently, many people of “normal” weight continue to be uniformed of the fact that they may still be at risk for elevated levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar if they lead a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle.

It has long been known that there are adverse effects associated with physical inactivity. Adults who are less active are at greater risk of dying of heart disease and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. Illnesses related to physical inactivity and poor diet cause at least 300,000 deaths each year in the U.S.

Body mass index (BMI), which is calculated through a height-to-weight ratio alone has been the standard method of measuring a person’s “fatness” or “thinness” since 1950’s and 60’s, when obesity was becoming a noticeable medical concern in the U.S. As a result, being at a “normal” BMI weight is not necessarily a reliable indicator of health.

In fact, physically active individuals who have more lean tissue than their sedentary counterparts, as well as taller people, often have a BMI that classifies them as obese when they actually have healthy body fat levels. Likewise, and more dangerous, slender or thin but inactive individuals often have a BMI that puts them within normal, or even underweight, ranges when they actually have high levels of body fat.

Because of the overemphasis on BMI that has developed over the last few decades, these “skinny fat” people often remain unaware that they are at an elevated risk for developing diseases typically associated with obesity until they are already facing health issues.

According to the International Sports Sciences Association, an organization that has educated and certified personal trainers for more than 2 decades, using a quick but reliable method of measuring various body circumferences (e.g. neck, thighs, upper arm, waist, hip) to assess total body fat better determines one’s body composition (fat vs muscle) than BMI alone. Measuring circumferences also provides personal trainers and clients with a very easy way to gauge clients’ progress.

“For people to begin to take a proactive approach to their health, they really need to know what their percentage of fat versus muscle is.” said Dr. Sal Arria, CEO and Co-Founder of the ISSA. Dr. Arria goes on to add, “most studies have shown that by just adding ONE circumference measurement at the waist to BMI, you can better predict a patient’s risk for type 2 diabetes and for all-cause mortality. Waist circumference is also about twice as good at predicting future coronary heart disease than BMI alone.”

The ISSA believes that personal trainers and health clubs should be utilizing circumference measurements as another tool to assess body fat because trainers can achieve proficiency with a few hours of practice and when done properly, the results can be replicated.

Patrick Gamboa, ISSA Vice President of Education, cautions that a person’s true fitness cannot be assessed by body measurements alone. True fitness must also take into account strength, aerobic capacity and flexibility measurements to most accurately predict longevity. Most gyms offer this type of assessment for free to their members.

About the ISSA
Since 1988, the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) has provided certification and continuing education to more than 100,000 wellness professionals in 85 countries around the globe. The ISSA offers a core personal training certification as well as eight additional specialized fitness certifications.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What is your site worth

My site is worth $6453.2.
How much is yours worth?

This is what this site says my site is worth. OK, so who do I contact to get the money? Cause at this point in my life I sure could use the cash. Check yours out to see what your site is worth

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sprain 'em

An Ole Galic Blessing

May those who Love us Love us.

And those who don't love us

May God turn their hearts.

And if he doesn't

Turn their hearts.

May he turn

Their ankles,

So we will know them

By their limping.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am employed again. I finally found a job. I was beginning to think I was never going to get back to work and one small part of me never wanted to work again. But the biggest part of me wants to eat, have a place to live, lights and everything else that goes with living. So after much work and too many interviews I am once again gainfully employed.

So today is the "First day" on the new job. I hate those days almost as much as I hate the interview. You always walk in and you know no one and everyone looks at you like your skirt is tucked into the back of your pantie hose. Makes you want to turn around and check just to be sure then you remember you aren't wearing any pantie hose and you have slacks on. So you still resist that urge to look just to be sure. Then comes the fun part finding out just exactly what all of your job description actually is. I mean there is always something they do not tell you when you get hired for the job. I had one boss that the last thing on everyone's job description was, "And all other assigned duties" it was those things that could be the killer. But hopefully I will not have any huge surprises on this job. I am praying that this is just the perfect job for me and that I will just love it. Yeah right I know it is a job and after the word diet I think job is the next worst word. Oh well I may let you know how things go and I may just keep you wondering.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday

I can't believe that my babies are 9 years old today. They are absolutely the best grandsons in the entire whole wide world. They will call us on the phone just to see if we are ok here in Pennsylvania. They are the sweetest guys you could find. I wish we were there to celebrate their birthday with them. I remember getting the phone call saying they were born and thinking no they are not due for another two months. But here they were making their grand entrance and they are still good at making their grand entances. So to Zach on the left and to Nate on the right Nannie and Poppy say "Happy birthday to you" And from just Nannie I say happy birthday to Zachie Wackie and happy birthday to Nater Tater. Right now those nick names I have given them do not bother them but in about 10 years when I say it I bet I hear "Nannie". Love it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just taking up space

I have done a lot of thinking today. I actually started thinking about this subject before I ever got out of bed this morning. Randy and I are usually very involved people. We are usually involved in our church, our ministry, our family just plain busy. But after thinking this morning I have decided that at this point in life we are just taking up space. We are going to a new church and have not been asked to do anything there and do not want to push our way into anything there. We are no longer living near our family. Joy and the kids live in Florida and Jill lives in Holland and we are in Pennsylvania so that pretty much eliminates being closely involved in family. Right now we are not involved in doing anything for Haiti. So.... That just pretty much leaves us taking up space. I mean right now I feel like some useless appliance that is sitting on someone's kitchen counter just taking up valuable space. I am really feeling unwanted, unnecessary and unused. I don't really know what to do to change this feeling I have but I do want it to change. I feel like something sitting over in the corner with a cobweb fully attached to me.

Rainy days

Today is not been an actual rainy day but it has been a cloudy day. I heard thunder a little bit ago so I took the dog out to do his thing before it started raining and he did and as of yet it has not started raining. But still looks like it is going to start it any minute. But wait I actually think I can see just a ray of sunshine on the ground outside. Oh well at least it has been a veg out kind of day for us rain or shine.

Climb out of the hole

Back in the dark ages when my husband and I first got married he received an insurance settlement. We were so excited to get this money so early in our marriage. This was a great time for us, right....... WRONG! We turned that decent amount of cash into a large amount of debt. We purchased a new car. We bought Christmas presents and generally spent the money more than once literally. Debt relief was what we needed and we had to get very creative to obtain this goal. First we were able to get someone to take over our car payments and we took over their lower car payments. Debt help was what we needed to also accomplish and by swapping vehicles we were able to accomplish that goal. Debt consolidation was our final goal which would create a way to help us get our payments within our budget. To be honest this was a financial nightmare for us but with a lot of time and work we were able to dig our way out of the hole that was of our own making. This was a hole that I never ever in my lifetime wanted to find myself back in. We always need to learn from our mistakes and move forward.
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