Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Higher and Higher

I am thankful for one thing in my life at least that we are not in major debt right now in our life. I do remember years ago in our marriage where we were deeply in debt and that was a time when I dreaded to answer the phone or get the mail out of the mailbox because I new everything coming into the house was just another bill that we owed. I mean we have a couple of bills but nothing that has us drowning in debt at this time in our life and economy. But I do know a lot of people who are so deep in debt that they are in major trouble especially with the state that the economy is in right now. But there are ways that you can Avoid Bankruptcy with the help of some professionals. So if you are worried that you could wind up in bankruptcy there is an alternative for your. If you apply and your IVA application gets approved you could wind up with 70% of your debts written off. It is also possible that you would not have to pay any interest and that you could be absolutely debt free in a little as 5 years or even less. From what I am hearing right now on Television getting out of debt is the number one News Years resolution this year for people to try to achieve.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over

Well, Christmas is over and for me I have to be honest I am actually glad. I don't know why but for some reason I am just not a Christmas person anymore. I used to be but over the years with losing important people in my life all the way from a child to both of my parents. I have just really lost the Christmas spirit that I once had. This year was particularly hard we are living in Pennsylvania and the girls and grand children are in Florida so that made for a very hard time for us. I was very thankful that we were able to watch the kids on the web cam open their Christmas gifts. For them it was a good Christmas and I am very happy about that. They had a good Christmas and they really deserved it. For that I say a BIG Thank You! But for me like I said before I am personally glad that Christmas is finally over. I just want to put the decorations away and get on with life and try to do the things that we know we need to do.

Higher Education

It is about time for high school students to start thinking about where they want to go to college. From what I hear filling out all of those applications and sending them off to all of the colleges you are interested in can really turn into a full time job. I have often thought there has to be an easier way and well now there is one. If you are one of these high school students you need to learn how CollegeZapps can help you apply to college. Now students can complete only one interview and they will automatically fill out their college applications to over 1,000 of the top four year universities and colleges in the United States. This is going to be the largest class of graduating high school seniors ever and with this online platform you can streamline the application process. Students will simply pick their list of colleges on the Zapps web site and then are given a very comprehensive interview to complete. The interview will take into account all of the colleges they have selected and then by completing that one interview the student is able to fill out multiple applications in the time it would normally take to complete just one application. Each application will be completed in the format preferred by each school. All the students have to do is to print off the application and put them into the mail.

The students will still have to study for the SATS and decide on their references but this will save them and their parents tons of time and stress. With the competition for placement in colleges these students have to use ingenious designs to increase their acceptance chances. Students really need to begin working on this process as early as their sophomore or junior year so that by the time their senior year arrives they already have created their plan of attack for this process.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nasty weather

Today it was raining when I went to work then later in the day it started snowing and when I finally left work we had at least an inch of snow and it was still coming down pretty hard. But, I guess the forecast is that the snow is to turn into sleet and then freezing rain and right now the temperature is 28 degrees and that means that whatever is on the street is going to freeze. I have to say I don't look forward to the drive to work in the morning at all. I just hope they have plenty of salt and stuff put down on the streets before I have to go. I am not in a mood to slide all the way to work.

Can you stop now

We just recently had car trouble. When our car runs like it should I love it but when a car breaks down then I hate it. Well, our car recently broke down and it was at the garage for over a week. The problem we had was that the brake line broke and we totally lost our brakes. We kept calling the garage to check on the car and they kept telling us they were trying to get the new brake line and that they were having problems finding the parts they needed. I wish that we had needed some Renault Parts cause if that had been the case we would not have had such a hard time. But we own a Buick and like I said it took them over a week and when they finally got the brake line it. Would you believe that wherever they got the part sent to them did not send all of the clamps or something of that nature for the part and we had to wait another day until they could finish the job. In the meantime I had to bum rides to and from work and we were without a vehicle on our wedding anniversary. So needless to say I was not a happy camper. But finally in the long run and I do mean long run we were finally back in our car and going down the road and the best thing was that we were able to stop at the end of the road.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Proud as punch

I have to tell you that at this moment I have to be the proudest Nannie in the entire world. The little one in the center of this video is one of my grandsons playing in his first violin concert at school. He has only been playing since September and I can't believe how good he and the rest of the kids sound after such a short time.

Nate's Violin Performance from Jill Inmon on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I work therefore I am tired

Well we get ready to work the second job for 15 straight days. That is on top of me working every day at my full time job. But right now we are so needing the extra money it is not funny. I have to be honest I have no desire to get off work every evening and then go to the second job. What we do is we do polling work on the phone. Sometimes the polls we take are sort of interesting and some times...... well, lets just say they are down right boring to say the least. So since we have to do this one for 2 straight weeks I am really hoping that this one is not dull and boring. Cause I just might lose my mind or at least what I have left of it. Cause right now I have to be honest and say that I don't think I have much mind left to lose. I wanted to just rest and relax yesterday but we left here early in the morning and didn't get back home until about 5:00 PM we had to get some things done before the long run at work for the next two weeks. I had to pick up some little things for the kids for Christmas so that one day Randy can get that box sent off to Florida so that when Christmas is here they will have it. I think our last evening working will be December 22nd so that would leave no other time to get the Christmas things done. So just wish me luck that I make it through the next two weeks.

Some great ideas

I remember quite a few years ago I got Randy a really good knife for Christmas and to this day he still has that same knife. He has had to have it sharpened several times but it is actually as good as it was the day I gave it to him. My father always had a saying "if you buy something cheap you get something cheap". That would also go the other way if you buy something more expensive you get something that is much better. Ok so you know what I mean I just couldn't get it translated. Things don't necessarily have to be expensive to be good just not cheap. Although Randy does not have any 5.11 Tactical Knives I am very sure that he and a lot of other men would absolutely love to have one of them for all of those things they do every day in their lives that call for a good sharp knife. I know these knives are for police officers but they would still be a great knife for Randy. I just might have to give it some thought for this Christmas gift and right now I see I can actually get free shipping and also an extra free knife. That seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Looking to the sky

Today I saw two very different scenes in the sky. We had a very brief storm while I was at work. It got extremely dark and the wind started to blow and then it poured down rain for a bit. Then after the storm was finished the sun came out for the first time during the day. I walked back into my office and happened to look up and out the window and saw this beautiful rainbow in the sky. So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures before it disappeared from view. Then on the way home from work We saw the moon in a very small sliver along with two planets, Jupiter and Venus. I snapped several pictures and although they didn't turn out as good as the rainbow it was an unusual thing to see so I think I will still post the picture that I took. Venus is a little bit harder to see but it is above and to the right of Jupiter so if you look closely you can see them both

Put your shades on

If you have someone on your Christmas list that owns a Motorcycle and you have no idea what in the world to buy them. Let me give you an idea you can purchase them something called memphis shades. Now I know you are dying to know what I am talking about. Well, it is a windshield for your motorcycle. I really wish I was several years younger and that we had a motorcycle cause they are really a blast to ride. But since I can't go back in time guess that isn't going to happen for me. But for all you youngsters out there get yourself out there on two wheels and see the country.