Saturday, May 31, 2008

It is now time

It is now time to go to the area of the house where the washer and dryer are sitting in the hall to help my husband with the hooking up of said appliances. He will try to tell me that he doesn't need my help but trust me he does and he will. I will be the one to sit on the floor behind the dryer to try to hook up the vent hose thingie. Anything that requires a person to get into a very small space and do something with hoses will be my job. So I am off to the hallway and hopefully I will see you all later.

Social Spark

I joined SocialSpark a while back and to be honest I have been trying to figure it out. You know the saying you can't teach old dogs new tricks. Well I am going to try to prove that old saying wrong. I am a old dog and I plan on learning something new. I plan to learn all there is to know about SocialSpark and I am one of those women who usually accomplishes what she sets out to do. I have decided that I need a way to create some extra income for myself. As I have said before we have recently relocated to Pennsylvania and so now I am in the process of job hunting. How I hate that process. I mean you always feel like you are a piece of meat in the meat market and just have to know if you are the cut of meat the somebody wants. But I am not going to worry about it. I am just going to take things one day at a time and take things as they come at me. That after all is my motto for life.

The next thing coming at me is to help my husband hook up our washer and dryer here in the house. I am very thankful that we brought it with us cause I will tell you there is not much that I hate more than going to the laundromat to do my laundry. So with being able to do laundry at home that will give me more time for things like SocialSpark. Hey, I have my priorities straight. Make money first then do laundry.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

School is almost out

Well tomorrow is the last day of school for the grandkids. They aren't actually having school they are going on their class trip. They will be going to Epcot for the day. They are as excited about it as they can be. I mean with them living there in Florida all of their lives they have been to Disney and to Epcot tons of times. Their Dad worked at Disney for years so they were able to go there anytime they didn't have anything else to do so for them it is not like it is something new that they have never done. But, I still think they will have a good day and then school is over for the year.

You can be a winner

For those of you out there in the Medical profession have I got a deal for you. All you have to do is go to the following site To take the survey, click here. and do a simple survey. At the end of the survey you simply give them your e-mail address and some contact information and you will be eligible to win an IPod Nano.

The survey should take you about 10 minutes. All of your information is kept confidential. If you would like to have your name put into the drawing for an iPod nano, all you need to do is to provide your name, organization and email. This survey ends on Sunday, June 22, 2008. The drawing for the Ipod Nano will be held on Monday, June 23, 2008. So head over there now before it is too late.

We have wheels

Yippee we now have a car. We got a 1992 Buick . It is not a brand new car but hey when you haven't had a vehicle in over a year who am I to complain? Well, I might complain just a little bit. I discovered that my power window doesn't power down. But, the good news is that it is up so that I won't get wet when it rains. I am just happy to have transportation again. It seems like forever that we have had to depend on someone to take us every place we wanted or needed to go. We have some great friends here in PA that have carted us around since we have been here. They have been very patient with us and it has taken like 3 days to actually finalize the vehicle issue. There was the issue of car insurance, PA driver's license before we could drive the car off the lot. But with that done it was a done deal and we are the proud almost owners of the car. We still have to make our payments.

Let your fingers do your shopping

Last Christmas I decided that the way to shop was to shop online. I have to say that the older I get the less I like going to stores and standing in line and fighting people over sale items. So I am one of those people who took advantage of checking out the Black Friday ads there were available at They had a great line up of stores to sit on the couch in your most comfy PJ's and just let your fingers do the walking. One of my most favorite places to shop has become That is where I was able to find my new laptop case for my 17" laptop. Every place else was much more expensive. But, I digress, back to the Black Friday issue. This is the greatest way to do your Christmas shopping and with the price of gasoline now you really can save money by not running from store to store only to find out that the item that was on sale is either off sale now or sold out. This site will let you purchase your black Friday items online and they also offer email alerts that let you know when any new Black Friday ads have been posted. This site is very consumer friendly which is very helpful in planning my holiday shopping last Christmas. So on the next Black Friday everybody knows where I will be. I will be sitting at my computer shopping until I can't type anymore.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back in the world

Yeah, The cable man left a few minutes ago and I am officially back online and back in the world. I just about lost my mind with no internet for a week. i am telling you that it seemed much longer than just one week with internet. I never thought I would miss it as much as I actually did. We are so happy to be here and to have everything unloaded from that stupid truck. Let me tell you that our rental truck was a Piece-O-Crap. The A/C went out on us somewhere around Orlando which is only about 50 miles into our 1,000 mile trip. Fortunately we were headed north so as we traveled it actually got cooler. So at least we didn't die of heat. But my husband said that the truck drove like a log truck. Well we complained when we returned it and they actually are going to give us some money back on the truck so guess that makes it worth it. I always love getting cash back. Another thing we are doing is getting a car today. We sold our pick-up truck when we made the move to Haiti and have not had anything of our own for over a year now. So we are getting a used vehicle this afternoon. I will not know what to do first go someplace in the car or stay home and get online on the computer. Well maybe I will just stay home on the computer with the price of gas these days.

New Equipment

Hey if anyone out there is a police officer and you are needing some gloves for work have I found the place for you to get them. You need to go to tactical gloves and check out all that they have to offer there. Right now they are offering free shipping plus free return shipping just in case you would have to return something to them. For a time right now if you place an order you will also get a free hat. Plus, if you order over $125.00 in merchandise you can get a free travel mug. They have a lot of other things on their site you can order like flashlights, footwear, boots and holsters. There is a ton of things you can order from them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Quick Update

We are here in PA and we are in our new home. We absolutely love it and now are in the process of unpacking the dreaded boxes.

I hate this part of the move just as well. I mean you unpack the boxes and then you have to keep the stupid boxes until the trash pickup comes.

So I know this is short and probably sounds stupid but just wanted to put an update.

The Past

My daughter is about to move to a country that is so rich in art and culture though it is more famous in the younger generation for its “coffee shops”. When various photos of Amsterdam and seeing the history it is mind blowing to me and there is nothing I love more then to have a quiet day out at a gallery or museum. Not only are some of the works lovely to look at there is also a ton of education behind just about all of it and even the historical facts behind an artist gives you a glimpse (sometimes) to that state of mind they were in when doing a piece.
At the Stark Museum of Art in Texas they have from March 15 - June 28, the “Shangri La” exhibition in honour of the opening of Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center in Orange, Texas.
The Stark Museum of Art has one of the best collections of 19th and 20th century Western American art and artifacts along side on of the most amazing collection of American Indian art as well as collections of glass and porcelain, and rare books and manuscripts.
Educational for a school trip not only in the form of art but obviously history.
I think it is important to know about your own country and all its history and culture as we have so much here in America, from the Native Americans to the slave trade. All of it is history; good and bad. Even though the country I was born in is not always being proud of our past but, history never repeats if you do not forget it. If you ever find yourself in Orange, Texas, be sure to check out the Stark Museum of Art and get in touch with a little of our country’s rich history and past. You owe it to yourself to know how everything began!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, the day has finally arrived. I have been awake since like 4:30 AM and finally got on my laptop about 5:30 AM because I just could not lay there any longer.

Today is the day that we leave Florida for Pennsylvania. I am very much looking forward to the actual move and I know this is a good thing for all of our family for each of us to go our way and live our lives. But, and I say a big BUT. Leaving always means you have to say goodbye. I hate goodbyes. Randy said I shouldn't say goodbye this morning just say "toodles" not sure the kids would understand that though.

To our girls I want to say a very big Thank You for putting up with us for this long. They both have been great. I know it can't be easy to have your parents living with you for several months. But we have managed to do it without any blood shed. Not to say we didn't think about it several times but always managed to draw the claws back in at the last moment.

I need to thank my girls for a couple of things they have done for me in particular.
  1. They turned me on to all of the comfy girlie PJ's out there. I now have a ton of them.
  2. They turned me on to DVD's when we moved in with them I had -0- now I have 155
  3. There are many more things but I want this to be a post and not a manifest
I am still hoping to make this a tearless goodbye this morning but I don't know if I can pull that off. Randy and I both had our moments last night when we shed some tears regarding the grandkids. But as much as I will miss the grandkids I will miss my two wonderful daughters just as much.

Too late I am sitting here with everyone else still asleep crying my eyes out.

But to my girls and grandchildren I say a great big I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moving Day

Well, the day has finally arrived. At least it will tomorrow. We will officially be moving tomorrow to Pennsylvania. We are getting up early and will be leaving. So I don't know when I will be back online. I don't know if I will be able to get wireless on the way and when I will have internet at our new home. So everybody I will see you when I can. We spent today getting everything loaded up on the rental truck. You don't think you have much stuff until it is time to carry it all and put it in the truck. Plus the truck we got is very high off the ground so that meant everything had to be lifted high up to get it into the back of the truck.
The kids have all made us going away cards this evening and made me cry a couple of times. I am hoping that I will be able to tell the girls and the grandchildren goodbye in the morning without bawling my eyes out. But I would not make any bets on it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Trip through time

I have always wanted my own personal stationary but don't just want something with my name printed on the top like I am some sort of business. So have been giving this some serious thought as of late. I really think what I want is something like a Photo Cards. I am not one to write long letters especially with the fact that when I mostly want to communicate with someone I just send an e-mail. But I do have some family who have not got computers so they communicate the old fashion way via the U.S. Mail system. So if I could come up with a really neat card with a beautiful picture on the front of it I think I would really love that idea. With us moving to PA we are both very much fond of the Amish Farm land in Lancaster County, PA so I think I would just love to drive around the area and find the perfect scene and then take a picture of it 4 times in the year. That way I could have 4 different cards. I could have the same picture in the spring, summer, fall and winter. I think that would be really cool.


Well today is my birthday. The kids all woke me up singing happy birthday to me and they each were holding a little sign. One sign said Happy Birthday, one had a cake drawn on it and the last one said We Love you. It was really sweet of them. But today is going to be a busy day for us. We have to get all of the last minute things done so that we are ready to load the truck in the morning. This is the part I hate about moving, doing the last minute things. Well, OK I also hate loading the truck and I will hate the drive from Florida to Pennsylvania but other than that I will love the move.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let them eat cheese cake

Well with my Birthday being tomorrow we have been celebrating it since last Sunday on Mother's Day. Joy was home for dinner on Sunday evening so we had a big meal and had presents for Mother's Day, Aunt's Day and my Birthday. Then last night Joy was here and for my birthday they got a huge cheese cake. The kind with like 4 choices of cake plain, strawberry, chocolate and apple caramel. So we had cheese case last night and there is enough for a piece tonight. Then we are going to have a big meal tomorrow night for my actual birthday. If we don't stop the celebration pretty soon I tell you I am going to be a prime candidate for that lap-band surgery. From what I understand they have a great program from evaluating whether the LAP-BAND System is right for you, to finding an experienced surgeon, to insurance approval, and extensive follow-up and aftercare that is specifically tailored with your success in mind. They absolutely take care of everything for you.

Presents for Me

Well, Randy and I went out this morning and had breakfast. We tried a place that was close to home that we had not tried before and if we were staying in this area would not try again. It was well to be honest pretty bad food. I don't know how you can mess up eggs and potatoes but they managed to accomplish it quite well. After that we went to the local Wal-Mart to get something to make for dinner tomorrow night for my birthday. Randy needed to get his hair cut so while he was doing that I looked around. I have been wanting a new jewelry box since before Christmas but never found one that I liked that was worth the money they were asking. Well they had one that had been $30.00 and it said it was on sale for $20.00. So I asked the lady if I could open the box and look at it and when I did it was really pretty. So I decided that I would get that for my birthday present from Randy. He just loves it when he gets me something that I want. Well I decided to check the price on one of their scanners to be sure it was going to ring up on sale. Well was I ever surprised to see the scanner show it was only $10.00. So Happy Birthday to me! I am really happy today.

Classy Look

With us moving and selling almost everything we owned in the world. I have been searching for a new bedding for our new bed. I have finally found just what I have been looking for. I want something that is pretty and very stylish. I have discovered the Waverly Felicite Cornflower Collection. This is a French Provencal Design but, to me it has a classy country look to it. The comforter reverses to a pale blue bamboo lattice on a deep blue b background. But the top side is pale blue flower design on a white background. This set comes with a white bed skirt trimmed in the same blue and a pair of matching pillow shams. This is the most beautiful bedding set I have found and trust me I have done a lot of looking for just what I want. I am one of those type of women who can see a lot of things that I "like" but when I finally find the right one well I just know it is what I have been looking for all along. Now I just have to convince Randy that this is what we need to make our new bedroom look just perfect. He is usually an easy sale when I tell him I want something he is always pretty good to say "well if it is what you want". My daughters tell me that I have him wrapped around my little finger. So here is a picture of what I want my bedroom to look like when we get moved.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wackey Cake recipe

This has to be my all time favorite cake. It is not only good to eat but it is really very easy to make too. You actually mix it up in a 9 x 13" cake pan that you are going to bake it in. So it keeps clean up to a minimum. You really have to try this out.




Off the Wall

The kids are getting very excited since they will be moving into a new apartment in just a couple of weeks. So they have been trying to decide how they want to decorate their new rooms. I think they should get some new posters for their walls. Right now if they go to they can check out all sorts of posters. They have a great assortment of popular movie, arts, celebrity sports and college posters. This is a great way to get a low cost new poster. Right now you can actually get free domestic shipping if they use the coupon code PPP8 when they check out. I know my granddaughter is really crazy about Hannah Montana and the boys are into a lot of different things. This way if their mother can get posters at a reasonable price they can change them after a while when they get tired of one they can get a new one and that way they are able to change the looks of their room without a major drain on the finances. They have some really cool Barbie posters but I can't see my granddaughter putting one of those up she is not into the girlie girlie stage right now. But she would love to have a High School Musical poster she is really into that right now.

My pride and Joy

Well, here is my pride and Joy. These are my grandchildren. We recently went to Tarpon Springs for the day during their spring break from school and they all used their own money to buy new hats. So naturally we had to snap a few pictures of them. In this picture the boys look very different from each other. But, actually they are identical twins, they are mirror image twins to be exact. One of them is right handed and the other one is left handed. These are the three greatest grandchildren anyone in the entire world could ever want. I am gonna really miss them a bunch.

New York City

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about things I did when I was younger. I guess that is because Friday is my birthday and I turn the dreaded "60". I am really dreading this one for some reason. I know turning 60 beats the alternative of being 6 feet under ground. But to me 60 is old and I don't want to be old. But who has to be old? Not me! But in my thinking I remember the summer after I graduated from high school. I went to Chicago to attend Floral Design school for three weeks. This was the first time I had ever been away from home and I was scared out of my whits. You have to understand this was during the race riots of the 60's and there was a lot going on in Chicago at that time. Needless to say it was a very interesting time. I stayed at the YMCA because they had floors back then that were supposed to be for females and families only and no single men were allowed off the elevator. But they didn't stop to think about the fire escapes the guys were all over the place and it was not fun to say the least.

But with Randy and I moving to PA I know that we will be very close to a city that I have always wanted to visit and that city is New York. My girls have been there and if they can do it well shucks I can do it too. I thought we just might save up some money after our move and take the train to New York City and maybe just catch a Broadway show or something very exciting. I think I when the time comes I will check out Trusted Tours & Attractions they have a great newsletter where I will be able to get all of the information I need to plan our trip. I would love to also take some sightseeing tours while we are there. But on our way to PA I know we will have to go through Atlanta so I just might check out some Things to do in Atlanta.

Time is Ticking Away

I know I have posted quite a bit lately about our move. But, I just can't believe that we will only be here for three more days. We have the truck reserved and have been busy packing. It seems like every time I pack one box full two more box loads seem to appear from nowhere.
As much as I am going to miss our daughters and grandchildren. I am actually very excited about this new page in our married life. Randy and I have lived in many states and have never been afraid to move and try something new. So although I am a bit nervous about starting all over I am also looking forward to it. I don't look forward to loading everything on the truck nor do I look forward to the drive from Central Florida to Pennsylvania. But, by this time next week it will all be over and we will be there in our new home.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Caged Bird

My Mother In Law used to have a Cockatiel bird many years ago named Buddy. He just flew into her yard one day and they were able to catch him. They were never able to find the owners so they wound up keeping him and really loved that bird. My Mother In Law would let him do things that I would never have imagined her allowing. She was so picky but when it came to that crazy bird he could not do anything wrong. Guess he was her baby. She used to have two cages for him. One hung in the kitchen and one hung out in the Florida Room. But, he was allowed the roam of the house as long as they were home. When they would leave for the day she would put him in his cage in the kitchen and actually turn the radio on for him. She said he didn't like it when he was home alone and the house was all quiet. Now, don't ask me how she knew that cause she was never home when he was home alone and he did not talk so go figure. I could just imagine her getting that bird a Victorian Style Bird Cage from YCA Cages. She used to have toys and stuff for the bird. He used to have a basket of shells on the kitchen table that he would pick at with his beak. There was absolutely nothing that she would not have done for that bird.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am Loved

To say I am loved doesn't really describe how I felt yesterday. The day started out with cards being slipped under my door from my grandchildren. Then we had a great dinner of Turkey and all the trimmings to go with it. After dinner we opened presents. The kids gave Joy her cards and present for her Mother's Day. Then they gave Jill cards and her present for "Aunt's Day" which the kids have decided usually is the Sunday after Mother's Day but decided to celebrate it this year yesterday since Randy and I will be gone next Sunday. Then I got a major haul. You see I got Mother's day presents and since my birthday is next Friday I got birthday presents to boot. Let's see I got store bought cards, homemake cards, 2 DVD's, new PJ's and a beautiful bracelet and perfume.

I have attached a picture so you can see my stash. Sorry about the glare on the DVD but to clarify it for you it is Erin Brockovich. I absolutely love that movie. The girls know that I also have been wanting to purchase Charlie Wilson's War but did not want to pay the full price. I am hooked on the previously viewed movies at Blockbuster. So to have the new ones I LOVE IT!!!!!

For this wonderful day I say Thank You to to the following people. Randy, Jill, Joy, Kiayla, Zach, and last but certainly not least Nate. You all are the best family in the entire world.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Says it All

This is the most funny thing I have seen in a long time. It absolutely says everything a Mother ever wants to say or ever has said being a Mother. So here is to all Mother's everywhere. Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day

This morning when I woke up I had two homemade cards slid under my door. They were from my grandsons. I am telling you I have the two sweetest grandsons in the entire world. I know my granddaughter had made me a card but as of yet she hasn't given it to me. But I know I will love it and will cherish it just as much as the ones from the boys. She is just watching TV right now with her Aunt Sue Sue. We are going to have a big dinner when Joy gets home from work this evening and will celebrate Mother's day and my birthday all today.

So to all of the Mother's out there have a Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vacation Plans

With Randy and I moving next week I think that will be our vacation this year. But for those of you out there that are thinking about your summer vacation. But... with the price of gas nearing $4.00 a gallon I just might have some ideas for you to consider.

And the Winner Is

I have to tell you that when I visited the Reuzit Tri Scents web site and saw all of the finalists I absolutely had to vote for the entry of the little girl talking about her new triplet siblings which have added a lot to the family. My reason I fell in love with this entry is that I have twin grandsons and I remember what it was like when they were babies and i can't imagine adding one more baby at the same time. You have just got to visit the semi-finalist gallery and vote for your favorite entry from the ten finalists. You are actually able to go every day and vote for your favorite submission from now through June 7. I just fell in love with the little girl which I take it must be the big sister to the triplets. Just go to and cast your vote. The winner with the most votes will receive a $20,000 home makeover with Tayna Memee. I am sure that all of the finalists could use this $20,000 home makeover. But when you add the three triplets to the mix in my opinion this entry should absolutely win hands down.

Customer Service

Ok, I am not a happy camper anymore. I had a problem with my brand new laptop. I decided to check out the DVD player in my laptop. I thought I would just kick back and watch one of my movies. This is the way I am going to probably watch movies when we get moved because we will only have 1 TV set and I don't always like what my husband is watching.

Well, I popped in a movie and got it started and was ready to kick back. But.... what... a problem I could not hear anything. So, I turned the volume up to full blast and I still could not hear anything I mean you could hear like a whisper but not enough to understand what anyone was saying. This is not going to work. So I checked another DVD. Still the same problem. So I played some music and that I could hear so I knew my speakers were working just fine. So now it was time to contact the dreaded customer service for HP. I have been down this road before with my other laptop and let me tell you it is not a fun thing to do. Well after 4 live chats , 2 phone calls and a long string of e-mails going back and forth between HP and myself. I finally have a new DVD drive and I have it installed and I have been a good girl and returned the defective DVD (cause if I didn't they would bill me on my credit card). But I just wonder what happened to good customer service that I grew up with. Well, one thing that I think has happened to that customer support is that all of the companies we do business with have outsourced their customer service to foreign companies. The one guy I spoke to on the telephone had such a foreign accent that I could hardly understand a word he was saying. I had to make him repeat things over and over. So I have enclosed some pictures of where these companies have outsourced the customer service to. And we wonder why there is no service in customer service anymore.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost time

Well, it is almost time for us to move. We will be leaving in just about a week and a half. Although I am excited about moving to PAand Randy and I having our own place again. I have appreciated our daughters putting up with us for several months now. But, after being married for 40 years it is always good to have your own abode and have the peace and quiet that we need at our age. So as excited as I am about our move, I am just as equally sad about leaving our daughters and our grandchildren. I know Jill is going to Holland and that is hard for me too. I know this is something she really wants for herself and I say go for it. But as a Mother you always want your children close to you. Joy will be staying in Florida so there will be about a thousand miles between her and the kids and us. I will miss very much being around our grandchildren every day. I know this has to have been hard on them many times having 4 adults tell you what and what not to do. But all in all I think they have done pretty good with it all. I just wonder when we leave how many miles I will cry on our way. I know we are supposed to make this move but that doesn't make it any easier to leave the only family you have. But to my daughters I say you are both strong women and I have no doubt that you will do fine without me looking over your shoulders. You are both a chip off of the old block. So with that in your favor I know you can take what ever is thrown at you cause you are both 3 generation bitches. So go both of you and kick some ass!

Lights, camera, no action

Well it is time to try to help my youngest daughter get her things packed up for the move she will be making. The major issue right now is that her kids (my grandchildren) are terrible when it comes to watching their DVD's they will watch a DVD but the don't put it back into the case it belongs in. So we have a couple of problems.
1. We have cases with no DVD in them
2. We have other DVD's and we have no case for them.
I swear I have no idea what these kids do when the finish watching a movie. I mean how hard is it to watch a movie and then take it out of the DVD player and then put it in the proper case and put the case back where it belongs. I could maybe understand if my grandchildren were very young. But they are 8 and 9 years old. They are old enough to understand the cost of things and to properly take care of them. But they don't seem to do it. I guess Joy is going to have some new rules when they get moved. The kids will almost have to check out a DVD and not be allowed another one until the first one has been returned. Well, I wish her the best of luck.

It's Alive!

Hey, there if you haven't signed up for SocialSpark, what are you waiting for? I have already signed up and you can check out my profile by going to Bobbie. It is a very simple process and if you are like me and you are interested in making some extra money with your blog then you have got to get yourself signed up. I have to be honest I haven't taken any posts as of yet. I am still trying to figure out everything. Guess I am still sort of new at this and when they come out with something new I take just a little bit longer to get it all sorted out, so that I feel comfortable with how things work. But, after you get signed up you just go to the home page and then select Marketplace then choose browse opportunities. Where things go a little different here is that you have to wait for a slot to open up to actually get the post. This is where I am not sure about things, because I have heard of some people putting in for a post that would pay one price then when they actually get the post it is a much lower price to be paid. So as I said before that is where I guess I just don't quite understand it. But, I have not given up on it by any means. I would love to make the extra money. So we will see what we shall see.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Opps we have a problem

I cannot believe what my grandson Zachariah did this afternoon. He has some crazy little Spiderman web toy and it has a suction cup on it. Well as you can probably see it wet the suction cup and suctioned it to the middle of his forehead. He now has a major self inflicted hickey in the middle of his forehead. We have laughed at him all day. He has really been a good sport about it with us. So we are not being cruel to him (he is laughing too) But we have told him he better come up with a real good story when he has to go back to school tomorrow. Cause if he tells the kids the truth they will laugh him out of school. I am telling you that with him being a twin and having a sister just shy of a year older than him. What what child doesn't think of to do one of the other two will come up with it. But if you had told me that one of them would put a hickey in the middle of their forehead I would have said no no never never.

Well the story continues. As I am typing this post the other twin comes running and says something is wrong with Zachariah, he can't breath. So I run to the bathroom and he is standing there crying but obviously breathing. We finally get that something is in his throat. He finally says that there is a hair stuck in his throat. I finally got him to tell me how he happened to manage this. He says he found a lifesaver piece of candy under his bed and he ate it and it had a hair on it so now he has a hair stuck in his throat.

So two things you should never do.
  1. Stick a suction cup spiderman web to the middle of your forehead
  2. Eat a hairy lifesaver.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have had it

I am telling you right here and now. I am so sick and tired of going into the bathroom and sitting down only to discover that the 8 year old boy before me did not lift the seat before doing his thing. We have told them and told them. They don't actually have such an issue of putting it down after doing their said thing. They are just all of a sudden to lazy to lift it up when they go. So even though you don't fall with your rear end into the bowl of water, it is even worse because you wind up with pee on your posterior. You feel like you need to take a shower when you follow them to the toilet. We won't even go into their lack of sometimes flushing after doing the #2 job. I know they are children but come on. They have been trained by their Mother since they started using the toilet to lift, put back down and flush. How hard can this be?????

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Plans for move

Well, Randy and I will be making our move in a couple of weeks to PA. Right now we do not have a vehicle of our own. We are getting ready to purchase one but decided to wait until we get to PA that way we don't have to transport it up there. What I think we might have to do for a few days when we get there is to rent a car so that we will have something to drive around in to actually purchase our own vehicle. Right now you can get some really good special discounts and actually get a vehicle for about $19.99 a day. That really isn't too bad a deal for a car rental. You really need to check out if you are planning a trip and won't be driving your own car there.