Wednesday, March 30, 2011

TV Service

We have decided to change providers for our TV and internet. So doing the wise financial thing we canceled the TV service for when the new service was to be connected. The internet was to be the same as before. Well the stupid lady we had to deal with on the phone messed up things so the internet as well as TV got shut off. After a lengthy phone call the internet was turned back on. The TV was turned off as it was supposed to be done. The only issue was that the new service was to be installed this last Monday. Well all day long someone waited here for them to show and they were a total no show. So after a phone call we were told they would be here between 8 and 9 yesterday. We again called them at 11:25 AM yesterday morning and then were promised that the service would be installed (guaranteed) by 7:00 PM last evening well it is now 8:05 the next day and we still have no service installed. They have rescheduled our appointment for next Tuesday. That is over a week after the first appointment was scheduled by them. Guess we are going to be going for oh like a year of free pay channels like Showtime and HBO. Just don't know what has happened to customer service these days.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A dream

I purchased a small stone a couple of weeks ago with the word dream etched on it. I thought it was just sort of pretty. But after looking at it for a bit I came to the conclusion I no longer have a dream. I can remember most of my life I always had a dream. I don't know when I ceased to have a dream in my life. But ever since hen I have been trying to develop a dream for my life. But my fear is that without having something to dream for in my life I will just wither up and die on a dreamless vine.