Sunday, November 30, 2008


I tried to find one of those blog quizzes to put here but every one I did turned out not to be me. Maybe it is because I am in a funk tonight. But, maybe it is because none of them actually fit me tonight. One said the day of the week I was most like was Monday. Now that is just wrong. Trust me on Monday the only thing I want to do is to pull the covers up over my head and let the world go on without me. But guess I would probably feel that way too on Tuesday. Who knows. Maybe I am just bored.

Power up

I have been thinking a lot lately about what I will do this winter if something happens that we would lose power here in the house due to an ice storm. I know I would not have to worry about heat for the house and cooking since we do that with gas. After spending time in Haiti I can do without the electricity if I need to I have a ton of candles that we could use for light. However the one thing I wonder about is my laptop. I mean without my laptop I am a lost person. I know I have the battery power but that doesn't last forever. So I have been thinking about some extra laptop batteries. I think this is really something that I am going to give some serious consideration to.

Couch Potato

Today is Sunday and I have now been off work for 4 days due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. I don't understand why 4 days off work seem to go much faster than 4 days at work but trust me they do. Don't get me wrong as far as jobs go I like my job I just don't like working. If you know what I mean. But today I have done absolutely nothing. I know I should have done something like clean house or something productive. But I have not even gotten out of my PJ's all day. But the way I figure it the house work will all still be here tomorrow when I get home from work. I know I have to get things done this week because starting Saturday I will be working my second job for 16 straight evenings. That means I will work everyday at work for almost 9 hours. Leaving work at 5:00 PM and arriving at the second job at 5:30 (I will eat supper in the car on the way to work) and work that job until 9:00 PM every evening. I know after that much time I will be glad I took today to just be a couch potato.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hunting season

With us living here in PA we are really noticing a lot of guys that go hunting during this time of the year. I really wish I had a hunter in my family and not just so that I could partake in the product of their hunting trip. But if I had a hunter in the family I would definitely do so serious shopping at the Nikon Black Friday Promo. Right now they have the "The Ultimate Hunter's Package" which has tons of items in it that you can right now save almost $145.00 by purchasing it. Plus if you have that hunter you are looking for a special gift for and you don't know exactly what they are wanting you can purchase gift cards for them and let them pick out exactly what they want for themselves. So what are you waiting for hope on over there and shop till your fingers drop.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who still reads my blog. I realize to most of you who happen to drop by it is probably pretty boring. But that is the way things go. I am very thankful that all of my family is healthy and relatively happy. (as happy as we can be when conditions are as they are)

Next holiday season we are going to kick butt. We will be back in Florida with our family and we are going to make up for this holiday season that we missed.

So to all of you out there take time to tell your family how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

To my Family. I love you bunches and bunches. Hug Hug Kiss Kiss.

Mom, Momma, Nannie

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My babies three

I just got some new pictures of my grandchildren so I had to share at least one with you. They are growing up so big I just can't believe it. I really miss them a ton and I know they miss me. We are actually working on trying to move back to Florida to be with them all. I not only miss my babies I also miss my daughters just as much.

To my babies Nannie says I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck.

Hog Wild

I haven't ridden a motor cycle in years and to be honest I have never ridden on a Harley I wish I had but just never got the opportunity. I do remember my Mom telling me that her Dad bought a Harley and you would have to have know my PaPaw. He weighed about 150 pounds soaking wet with rocks in his pockets and the bike fell over on him and he needed help getting out from under it. Thankfully I don't think either he or the bike were hurt. But if he had done some damage to the bike he could have gotten the harley parts he needed with the click of a few computer keys. But wait a minute they didn't have computers back then. Oh well for those who need accessories or part for their "hog" it is now a very easy thing to accomplish.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My grandson ROCKS!

First let me say this is not a blog I am getting paid for this is just my personal bragging about one of my grandsons. Ok with that out of the way we will proceed. I got this email from my girls. They were at Downtown Disney on Friday evening and there is a group playing there through December called Nova Era and they play the acoustic violin and acoustic cello and the oboe. Well after they finished their performance Nate went up to the girl playing the violin and asked her what kind of violin it was because it is very unusual looking. She very patiently explained to him that it was an electric acoustic violin. Then she did a very unusual thing. She asked him if he played violin and he said this was his first year in school playing the violin. She then asked him if wanted to hold it and he said yes. She handed him the violin and then the bow and because it is a full size violin she helped him get in in place under his chin then she said. "Play me something" Well he played her a little bit just basically bowing across the strings and she told him that it was the most beautiful music she had heard. She has no idea (at least I don't think she does) as to how much that meant to her. After he finished playing it and handed it back to her he told her. "Thank you for lettimg me play your violin for free" It really made him feel special and right now they all need that feeling let me telll you. I am so proud of him that I could just bust. My daughter said that with this particular violin it is probably at least a $10,000.00 instrument that she just handed a 9 year old to play for her. Now I have to say I am impressed with them. They play classical music but they kick it up a notch. They are wanting children to develope a love and understanding for the classics in music. Well I give this group and this particular lady a thumbs up!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am in a mood

Your Mood is a 4

You're feeling a little down, but not totally bummed out. Your mood is on the low side of average.

I guess this pretty much describes me. I am down lately as the holiday's approach. I am really dreading Thanksgiving and Christmas being away from the girls and the grandchildren. Hopefully we will all be together again soon.

Let it snow

It snowed today while I was at work. All right so it did not show as much as you see in the picture but it did snow. OK All Right then so it was just flurries but for someone who has moved to the north from Florida any chance you get to see snow you have to love it. It did snow for a few minutes pretty heavy but it didn't stick to the ground or anything but at least it did snow.

Is it worth saving

It am so totally amazed when I hear that the National divorce rate is around 50%. My husband and I have been married for 41 years now and don't get me wrong it has not always been a walk in the park. There was a time when we separated after about 4 years of marriage and the biggest problem we had then was a lack of communication. We didn't talk to each other about the problems that were bothering each of us. We finally sat down one evening and talked about things and would wonders ever cease the problems were not that big. But when we didn't talk about them they seemed like mountains that we would never cross over. We didn't go to anyone for counseling but if I had know about the National Institute of Marriage we might have checked into getting some help from them. If I had known of all of the programs they have I might have saved myself a lot of grief early in our marriage. They have marriage counseling sessions all over the United States and I really believe that if you are having problems in your marriage you should try to work them out and only get a divorce as a final option when the marriage is not salvageable.

With the national divorce rate around 50%, there is no doubt that many marriages run into communication problems at some point. There is a communication epidemic. The National Institute of Marriage has created marriage counseling programs and resources utilizing a structure that is the most powerful format they have found for helping couples who feel stuck and hopeless. They have designed several programs to help couples move past the barriers and experience the marriage of their dreams.
NIM's Intensive Marriage Counseling Programs are unique from weekly marriage counseling in three distinctive ways:

· Intensive Marriage Counseling Format: Committing to an extended amount of concentrated time like the 2 or 4 day Marriage Intensive allows people to get to the root of the problem and stick with it in order to work through it. If you’ve been in traditional marriage counseling before, you may have experienced how you spend the first half catching up from the week before, the second half getting into the real issues, and then the time is gone. The Intensive format is designed so that people have the chance to go deeper without many of the other distractions of daily life and have enough discuss to consider solutions.

· Efficiency: One of the first steps in the process is an extensive assessment with some questionnaires. This allows the therapists to gather background information and can get an idea of the best strategy to proceed before you arrive for your session.

· Marriage Counselors: The counselors at the National Institute of Marriage are specialists in this area. One analogy we like to use is that of the Mayo Clinic: people go to their regular physician but may be sent to a specialist to work with specific areas. The NIM marriage therapists have been trained in this format to maximize its effectiveness. Also, the NIM marriage counseling programs provide the perspectives and insight of two professionals rather than one.
If you are considering divorce, you must try the National Institute of Marriage before giving up. They have developed a continuum of care that meets couples wherever they may be in their relationship. Regardless of the health of their marriage they have a service that can help couples improve their marital satisfaction. Visit their website at Read the incredible testimonies from the couples that saved their marriages by attending a Marriage Intensive at the National Institute of Marriage.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, the weather has gotten pretty cool up here again in PA. Right now it is 33 degrees outside. I think I am going to be pretty cold tonight sleeping. We have decided to try to only turn the furnace on when we absolutely need it and so far we have only run it a few minutes for a couple of mornings. So I am thinking that we just might need it in the morning.

Speed is a good thing

Many years ago Randy and I had an Audi and although we don't have that vehicle anymore I sometimes think it would have been need to have an audi turbo. I have always like to drive fast. I remember in high school (and yes I can remember that far back) I went out with this guy and he let me drive his Mother's car and we had a road on the levy and from one end to the other I managed to bury the speedometer at 120 mph. He was having a fit trying to figure out how to explain to his Mom when he got home. Maybe that had something to do with the fact we never dated again. But all that aside if you have a car that you want to super charge you have got to check out this web site at They absolutely have everything you could ever want to turn your car in to your fast dream car.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movie Time

We sent a box at the beginning of the week to the kids and one of the things we sent them was Kung Fu Panda. They got the box yesterday and you guessed it last night was movie night. We also sent them their candy bars of their choice. Let's see if I can name the candy bars we sent. We sent rolo's, twix, 100 grand bar, peanut butter cups and milkey way dark chocolate. So what better way to watch a DVD at home than to do it with your favorite candy bar.

Fender Bender

We have some friends and the other week they were in the drive through to get a hamburger for their lunch and the idiot in a jacked up truck in front of them decided to back up for some reason and did a number on their hood and front grill. So now they are needing an auto body repair shop to get their vehicle back to pre-accident condition. It wasn't actually a fender bender it was more like a hood bender. They need an expert who does not compromise when quality when it comes to the work the do on your vehicle.

I owe I owe so off to work I go.

Well, we just finished working this evening our evening job for the week. Tomorrow is Friday and there are two good things about going to my day job tomorrow. One we always order soft pretzels on Friday and two it is Payday. Yeah for payday. Right now we are only working about 7 hours each on the evening job. But, coming up in December we are going to work extra hours. I will work all day long and then we will work until 9:00 PM and we will also work the weekends too for 3 weekends. But we can always use the money I am sure everybody know what I mean by needing money.

When you need help

I have been thinking lately of a lot of the things that I have gone through in my life that to be honest sometimes I am not sure how I made it through some of them. Sometimes I made it through some of the issues merely by the skin of my teeth as the saying goes. I won't actually get down in the pits by telling you everything we have been through in 41 years of marriage but some of them would really make your hair stand on end. But through everything I am glad and happy to say that I have never needed to have any sort of substance abuse treatment. But I know there are people who do need that type of assistance and for them I am glad that there are such good places like Promises Treatment Center where than can go to get the help they need.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Apply online

Well we did it tonight. I filled out the online application for Randy to receive Social Security which will start in February. This is really going to help us a lot with our finances. I know all of you out there who know us do not believe we are that old but well what can I say. It only took about an hour to do it from home with their online application so guess all in all that wasn't too bad. Glad we will be making it before it actually goes bankrupt.

I need clothes

Since moving to Pennsylvania and the weather getting cooler I am in the need of clothes. I have been picking up a few things here and there but moving here from Florida I had no winter wardrobe. I have never had a pair of tactical pants but after checking them out you just never know. One of the things that might spark my interest is that they have a total of 10 pockets. Hey a gal could do away with her purse and just carry everything in one of the various pockets. Just make sure you also wear a belt cause you don't want to weigh down your pants. But all kidding aside of you are in the need for good pants for working you have to check them out. The prices seem pretty reasonable to me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did you vote for the right man

This quiz I guess does describe me somewhat. I am an independent sort of person and I don't tend to drink the kool-aid. I won't say actually how I voted but those who are close to me would know I would cast my vote.

We Can't Predict Who You Voted For

According to our quiz, there's a 40% chance you voted for Obama.

But that means there's an 60% chance you voted for McCain.

You aren't very typical. You tend to be independent, and your vote is highly coveted.

While we can't predict how you voted, there's a good chance you voted for the winner!

Keeping track

I have worked for many years in the accounting profession. Being in that profession one of the many tasks I have done was payroll and Human Resources. Keeping track of employee information can be a very difficult task if you do not have a very organized way of doing it. I have worked for companies both big and small and have been provided with great methods and crummy methods. I found this great software and the following site and one of the great things is that you can download a demo which allows you to know what you are actually getting before you purchase the programs. To me this is a very great selling point. I am a firm believer that if somebody does not want to show you what they are selling you before you buy it then you don't want to buy it. But with Software Tech that is not the case at all. So what are you waiting for just go to the site and click on the "Download Now!" button and check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I exercised my right

Well we went this morning before I went to work and voted for the person of our choice. We were really surprised at how quickly we were out of the polling place. We were in and out in about 30 minutes which I think was pretty quick. The only thing that upset me was that at our polling place they did not have any I Voted stickers. I have always gotten a sticker to wear for the day and was very aggravated that they did not have them. But with or without the sticker we still exercised our privilege of voting. I am a firm believer that if you don't vote you can't bitch about who actually wins the election. So guess this time I am able to bitch about a lot.

Don't drop it now

Last Christmas I did something that I had never in my entire life done. I did my shopping online for family presents. This year with the kids all living in Florida and us living here in Pennsylvania I may just do the same thing. This year I am going to be searching out those cyber monday discounts for the Black Friday ads that you always search out in the newspaper on Thanksgiving day. I know for Jill and Joy I would be very safe shopping at Bath & Body Works . That is something that I know with the girls I am always safe shopping. I just might see if I can order something online and actually have it shipped directly to them for Christmas. Then for the kids I have no idea yet what I want to get them or more importantly what they want for Christmas. But you know how it is when money is tight that what kids want is not always what they will get. But the one good thing about my grandchildren is that they are always happy with whatever gift they receive. But I would expect nothing less than that from them because that is the way I raised my daughters and that is the way their mother raised them. So now I just have to sign up for all of the black friday ads and have them delivered directly to my e-mail and then sit on the couch all bundled up from the chilly weather and just let my fingers shop and give my feet a rest.