Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting hungry

The girls are down working on supper. We are having Turkey breast. We got a really good deal yesterday of a couple of fresh turkey breast at the store. So guess we are having a sort of thanksgiving type dinner except for the fact it is not November it is June.

Oh well who says you can only have turkey in the winter. It is something I love to eat and will never complain when it is served. So I say bring on the turkey. I am hungry.

Needing a plan

We have decided that we want to purchase a home. It doesn't have to be a brand new home, as a matter of fact I would prefer not to own a brand new home. I am wanting a home that has any and all construction problems worked out before I move into it.

I am thinking that one of the first things I need to do is to obtain our credit score, so we are able to see just where we stand in that area. I have no idea at all what ours is and know that will be the first thing that a bank or lending agency will look at. This way if there are any issues there we will be able to see just what the are and if there are any errors on it we can get them corrected ahead of time.

I think I am going to start with getting a free credit score to use as our base and then work from there. If need be then after we get things going we will be able to move on from there.

I have to say I am getting very excited about the whole process of finding a home, getting the financing for the home and then finally being able to move into a home and be able to say it is ours.

Who am I

I know this sounds like a strange title for a post on my own blog. But over the past year I have actually discovered I don't know who I am. Oh I know my name and everything I need to know like that. It isn't like I have lost my memory or anything like that. It is I just don't know myself I guess you could say.

You see I am getting ready to turn 63 years old next week and I have come to the conclusion that I don't really know myself. Oh I know the person I have become through 43 years of marriage. I think I have become just a female version of my husband. I guess he has always been such an opinionated person that it was always just easier to agree with him than to disagree with him. Don't get me wrong his thinking was not terribly wrong just not always my opinions. But over the years I have actually come to believe they were my opinions too.

Well after living with our free thinking daughters for the last year. I say screw his opinions. It is time I start thinking for myself. I told my daughter that I had realized I no longer had a dream in my life and she said well get one. That too has not been an easy thing to do. Because there again. I realized every dream I had in the last 43 years had been my husbands dreams. SO now I have discovered my new dream. It is my dream that I plan to achieve no matter how long it takes me to achieve it. I plan to discover out just who I am and what I think about everything there is to think about.

To my daughters (who probably will never see this) I say a big thank you for waking me up and to my husband who will never see this. I say get out of my way cause I am gonna find out just who I am.

Not really sure of anybody reads this blog of mine anymore and I really don't care to be honest guess I just had to write this for myself. I am back whoever I am.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What to wear

When we used to live and work in Haiti as Missionaries the problem of what to wear on a daily basis that was comfortable, practical and did not offend anyone took me a while to achieve. I finally discovered that wearing scrubs on a daily basis solved all the issues.

Then my next problem was Where to buy cheap scrubs. I have to say trying to come up with at least 10 pairs at one time was a bit of an issue. But I managed to accomplish it and have to say I was extremely happy with my results.

I wore my scrubs every day except to church on Sunday morning. I even wore them most days when going into Port-Au-Prince to run errands. So I have to say in the end problem solved with great success

Days off work

I am on my second day of two days off work. These days are my Saturday and Sunday. Have to say I didn't do much at all yesterday and I don't see the odds changing much for today. Right now I am out on the back patio enjoying fresh air. I tried to do this yesterday but the rain seemed to run me in. Today is however much nicer blue sky, birds chirping and so far no lawn companies near by mowing lawn and disturbing my peace.

Next week might be a different story. The kids all get out of school and our house seems to be the favorite place to be when they are not in school. So in addition to the three who live here we sometimes have 7 - 10 more at any given time. Oh, Just shoot me now.