Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Hate change and the unknown

I am a person of order and to say that change and confusion disturb me would be an understatement to say the least. But our lives are about to change yet again. We moved here to Pennsylvania last year thinking that there was something for us to do here in a church. To say we were misled would be saying it mildly. To be honest I actually believe we were grossley lied to. But after being here for these past months with nothing happening but me going to work everyday. We have made the difficult decision to move back to Florida. This has not been an easy decision especially for me. I know that as bad as some issues are on the job I have right now it is nevertheless still a job with a weekly paycheck. But we have no family here and to be honest no friends here. (because friends do not lie to you) So we are in the process of packing yet again for yet another move. We will not be moving any furniture with us because to be honest what our so called friend here in PA got for us to have here is not worth paying for the space to move it with us. I guess besides the deceitful way were treated the next hard thing for me is to start all over again with basically nothing. We are both 62 years old and to have nothing to show for 42 years of marriage is, well hard to say the least. We will be staying for a little bit with our daughters. They have no idea how hard this is for me especially to start all over again in life with nothing and depending on my daughters for a place to live. Life should not be this painful. I am not saying I want a lot. I just want some decent furniture and a decent place to live and a life. I don' know if anyone who read this will understand my ramblings and not sure I really care if anyone reads this or not. Guess I just had to get my thoughts out and this is the only place I have to do that. So if you were not interested in this post for that I am sorry. But after I get over the pity party I will try to have a better post.