Monday, December 21, 2009

You have got to see this!

If this doesn't stir you then your spoon is stick to the bottom of your bowl.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Owe I Owe So Off to Work I Go

I am here to tell you this working thing is just not working out. I am so tired when I get home I don't even have the energy to drop. I started working back at the same place in Pennsylvania that I worked before. Which is a good thing in this economy. I not only got my job back but actually got a small raise. But the woman that they hired when we went back to Florida decided that she did not like the idea of me being back at work. I was not hired for the position I had before I left but for another position with the company. So in no way was I a threat to her job. But that isn't the way she saw it. So she decided just to not come back to work after taking a couple of days off. So now I am not only doing the job I was hired for but also the job she was doing. I am getting to work well before 8:00 AM and leaving at 5:00 PM with no breaks, no lunch hour just working from the minute I get there to the minute I leave. All this extra work added to me plus they changed to a new software system while I was gone. So nothing is done the same way it was when I was there before. That means basically learning two new jobs at the same time. I really think I am too old for all of this. But what are you going to do when you like to have food on the table and a roof over your head. Guess you go to work and do the work you are given and in this day an age just be very thankful that I have a job. Which I am just really tired right now.