Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Surprises are nice

Today at work there was a lady who came in early in the day and purchased three candles from us. I mentioned that the new style candle she had purchased was one I was wanting to get for myself but just had not done it as of yet. I really don't remember making a big deal out of it just mentioned it in passing.

Well a few hours later the lady came back in and reminded me that she was the one who had purchased the three candles and said she needed to get another candle for a gift and since she had mentioned before that she only buys vanilla scent would I help her pick out a good scent for the gift candle. I said sure and went over and after we smelled them all I told her my favorite pick. She said great. As she was paying for it I mentioned that if it was a gift we could gift wrap it for her free of charge. She said that would be great.

Well, after the gift was wrapped she came over and said ok I have my gift wrapped and it is for you. I have to say I had no idea at all that this was her plan to give me the candle. I said are you serious? She said yes she was. So I said why are you buying this for me. She said she just felt like she should come back in and buy one for me and give it to me as a gift. I have to say when she left I had tears running down my face. I don't know when someone has done something that nice for me for a long long time. So my day ended pretty nice. Think I will light my new candle tonight and enjoy it.

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