Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New additions

I work with a lady and her daughter just had a new baby. So we were talking today and they are all excited about the new addition to their family. The baby was just a couple of weeks early and so some of the things they needed to do and have ready they were caught being in a state of not ready. One of the things they did not have were birth announcements so now they are scurrying around to find the perfect ones to send out to all their friends and family.

The new baby is a little girl so I am expecting to get a very special announcement. It was something we were talking about today and she showed me a picture of the new addition she had on her telephone. I suggested using a picture of the baby on the birth announcement making it very special and something that friends and family would definitely want to keep for a keepsake.
I actually envy my friend and her family. My grandchildren are getting older and I remember when they were born and how excited we were at the new arrival in the family. I can remember smooching and loving on the babies. Now my grandchildren wind up saying "Nannie" with a grimace if I want a hug or a kiss or any show of love. They are at the ages where it is not cool to show the affection for an adult especially to their grandmother.

I must confess that from time to time I do sneak up behind one of my grandchildren and put a big hug on them and give them a kiss on their cheek. I drives them wild but it is my job to drive them wild and keep them on their toes. Tough job but somebody has to do it. So it might as well be me as anyone else.

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