Thursday, August 18, 2011

Easy Wardrobe

When we lived in Haiti as missionaries the easiest decision I had was what to wear on my daily basis I wore scrub sets. I had multiple sets and I would just open the closet and grab the first pair I put my hands on and that is what I would go with. No deciding what matched what I only bought sets so didn't have to try to match a top with a pant just grab and go. That was my motto.

I wish I had found this site called before we went there it would have really made my life so much simpler. I had to go to several shops to find all the sets I wanted to take with me. Because I wanted enough scrub sets to last me for three weeks at a time. You never knew in Haiti when you would have the time to do laundry so I did not need to be worried every week about getting my scrubs washed. So to have found everything I needed from one place and to have that place on the internet would have been great to say the least.

I know now what I will do the next time I need to purchase several or even one pair of scrubs. I will get the job done via the internet.


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